Five Reasons Why You Should Update Your Portfolio

Your modelling portfolio is the window we and our clients look through when we are searching for our next model for an assignment.

This is where our clients hope to find someone with just the right look, style and attitude for their next photo shoot, film assignment, campaign or promotional event.

As such, it is vital you keep your portfolio up to date.

As a long-standing agency that deals with a multitude of clients of all sizes and in all locations – and with models of all ages, types and levels of experience – we cannot stress this enough.

Here are five reasons why:

1.     Just as your portfolio is a window for our clients, it is also the stage on which you have your chance to shine. This is your opportunity not only to show us and our clients how you look, but also to tell us about any recent relevant experience or any new skills you have acquired. This is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd. It is therefore vital it is as strong as possible.

2.     Your photographs must be recent and reflect your current look. When clients choose a model for an assignment, they need to know the person turning up looks the same as their latest pictures. If you have changed your hair style significantly or have lost a lot of weight, for example, the person turning up will not be exactly the person they have booked. This could seriously affect the entire assignment and therefore your future prospects of work.

3.     Children change even more than adults, which is why we suggest their photographs are updated every few weeks. This is especially true of babies. If your bundle of joy now looks much older, not only will you be letting clients down who may be looking for a very specific age range of junior or baby model, but also you will be reducing your child’s chances of work as they won’t be being considered for any genuinely age-appropriate bookings.

4.     Your photographs have to be clear, well-lit and reflect you as our clients want to see you. There is therefore always an opportunity to improve them; perhaps include something more seasonal and relevant or just freshen them up slightly with one or two new additions. Remember, your photographs do not have to be professionally taken but it is worth following our advice on how to take the kind of pictures we are looking for.

5.     Your details must be up to date. Phone numbers and email addresses change regularly and, of course, people move house. Not only is it important that you update these on your portfolio so we can contact you quickly about work, but it is also vital that we know where you are living so we can monitor any local work opportunities for you and put you forward for anything suitable that may be close to home. We also need to know your details of clothing and body sizes, as well as heights for children are still correct.

So, put a note on your calendar or a reminder on your phone. Refresh yourself on our top tips on taking good photographs and log into your portfolio regularly to update it and give yourself the best chance of being offered the modelling jobs you would like.