Diverse Modelling with Models Direct: Unlocking Unique Looks & Characteristics

The modelling industry has been shifting and what was once set in stone no longer seems to be the case. Modelling requirements and restrictions are slowly fading into the background opening a pathway for new creatives to be at the forefront of advertising and marketing campaigns. Scroll down to read about how Models Direct is tapping into diversity and unlocking models with unique looks and characteristics, and why this is now a sought-after modelling division.  

What are unique looks and characteristics?

Have you ever noticed that some models are recognised more easily than others? Ever sat at a bus stop and seen a billboard where you’re certain you’ve seen the same person in the image somewhere else before? You can’t quite pinpoint it, but you know they have a familiar face that you recognise. Well, this is it! Some models have that wow factor, X factor, spark, memorable face, features or body image that help them stand out and get noticed.  

Some examples of unique looks and characteristics are: 

Eye colour 

Hair colour and texture

Birthmarks and moles

Striking features

Tattoos and piercings

We don’t look the same, style the same, have the same personalities, likes and dislikes…the list is endless. We’re connected through similarities, but overall, we are who we are – different and diverse. Having a quirky appearance doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful or marketable. In such a content-saturated world, it’s harder than ever to stand out in the right way, which is why uniqueness works! 

Imagine we were all the same? Life would be utterly boring! If you ended up seeing the same type of model being translated through every marketing campaign you were exposed to, you probably wouldn’t feel a strong connection to the model or the message.  

So, why waste a unique feature or characteristic when you could be exhibiting it, bossing a campaign and earning extra cash? 

You’re unique; don’t conceal it!

We hope that by reading this blog something’s stirring inside you – hopefully thoughts about considering modelling! If you’re unsure about the process or what makes you unique then isn’t it time to learn more? Models Direct are always happy to have a chat and help. If you need any 

advice about the modelling application process (which – just to add – is free!) then contact our modelling enthusiasts to find out more.  

If you’re not sure what makes you unique, then it might be a good idea to ask family and friends for their opinion. You may get a mixture of opinions, a select few or just one overall view but it’s good to know what stands out about you from others perspectives. Their opinion may enlighten your own view of yourself! 

Our ethos 

As a modelling agency that has been in the industry for 30 years, Models Direct appreciates that not everyone is the same – it’s one thing recognising the differences in each of us. We go that extra mile and truly value our models – their unique features and characteristics, and not just for the sake of representing the real population. We know that beauty is in everyone and everything; we all have attributes that deserve to be highlighted if we want to pursue a career in modelling. 

We strive to create a diverse, dynamic, and inclusive culture, where everyone feels safe and valued. Models Direct is committed to instilling equal opportunity regardless of race, colour, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability or gender identity.