Modelling FAQ

Scratching your head when thinking of some of the most commonly asked questions about modelling and Models Direct? Scratch no more with this concise Q&A guide.   

What sort of jobs are out there?

Lots! We have many talented people on our books, helping our clients in all sorts of roles: models, singers, entertainers and musicians. Our bookings department is very busy with assignments including product launches, promotions, photo shoots, TV and film work, advertising, fashion shows and catalogue work.

Do you recommend models going to a professional photographer?

We don’t require professional photos from our models – just two well-defined, clear and accurate headshots. However, if you trust a good professional photographer, then go for it!

Do I have to initially travel to your Head Office in Norwich?

No, we don’t require anyone to visit us. However, if you’re in the vicinity and want to pop in, you’re more than welcome.

Does it matter where I live?

No. You only accept the jobs which can be realistically achievable. We also pay travel expenses if you accept a role farther afield.

I’m interested in becoming a Models Direct model or performer. What are the requirements?

There aren’t any particular “looks” or “requirements”. This is because our client list is vast and they are always looking for diverse individuals across all ages, genders and backgrounds. You just need the drive, motivation and energy to thrive. Don’t think of modelling as a “one-off” – the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of the industry.

What do you look for in new applicants?

Enthusiasm, commitment and determination!

How much can I earn as a model?

Depending on the assignment, anything from £120 – thousands.

When do I get paid?

Within five working days from completion of your assignment. This is a legislative industry figure and, unlike some agencies, we adhere to it.

Why is Models Direct different from other modelling agencies?

With more than 30 years’ experience, we’re Europe’s largest modelling agency. We don’t require experience from our talent, and we have the most extensive and prestigious client list. We don’t make false claims and pride ourselves on open, honest communication. We wouldn’t have the amount of models or clients if we didn’t! 

I am in my “later years” and fancy modelling. Can I become a model?

Of course! Mature models are extremely popular and we value anyone who applies with us regardless of age.

Does my child need a licence to model?

A Child Performer’s Licence is mandatory for all children of compulsory school age. Please see the link below for more information – or just give us a call!

Do pet models really exist?

Yes – and they are very desirable. Dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, birds…the list is endless.

We value feedback, so we email models a feedback request form. Feel free to post your experiences on social media.

What should I do after finishing a modelling job?

We value feedback, so we email models a feedback request form. Feel free to post your experiences on social media.