Commercial Modelling – Do You Have What it Takes?

The idea of becoming a commercial model might seem a little overwhelming, but take a deep breath, give yourself a moment or two and then think it through.

The criteria for becoming a commercial model are far removed from those required to become a fashion model – and you may actually be very suitable for the work.

So, what does it take to become a commercial model with an agency such as Models Direct? 

Read through our checklist and then decide whether you think you have what it takes….

1.     Of course, some commercial models fulfil our notions of what a perfect model looks like, but many don’t. Commercial models are used to promote everything from hight street fashion to the products we all buy when we go to a supermarket. There are very many commercial models that therefore have to look just like a normal consumer – just like you and I. They can therefore be any size, shape or background but they do need to be able to step into different roles. Do you think you could pull that off in front of a camera? Could you take on the role of an everyday person?

2.     Could you learn to be comfortable in front of a camera? Most of us really don’t know until we get started and that certainly isn’t a reason not to try. Ask a friend to take some pictures of you or to film you while you pretend to take on a different role. How does it feel? Is this something you could grow into?

3.     Are you friendly, easy going and sociable? Our commercial models need to be able to work alongside other models as well as with photo and film crews. They need to be able to interact with others both on and off camera. Could this be you, do you think?

4.     Can you absorb and follow instructions well? Commercial models will not only be asked to act in a certain way in front of the camera and to display particular emotions, but they will also be required to be in the right place at the right time. They will be expected to arrive promptly for a booking; then be available to have their hair and make-up done and their clothing arranged on time and to be ready to appear on set when required. Are you organised enough to do this?

5.     Finally, you will need to be prepared to work hard. This means getting to grips with the assignment on the day and dedicating yourself to the tasks in hand. It also means working hard behind the scenes. We will ask you to update your portfolio regularly and to keep in touch with us about any opportunities you come across yourself. If you think you could really work hard as a commercial model, then why not give it a go?

Commercial modelling is not only great fun, but it offers wonderful experience and the chance to earn some money.

 Think it through carefully, find out more about the way we work and then tell us about yourself.

 Remember, no experience is necessary, but you do need to believe you have what it takes!