Why are some models more successful than others?

There are some common questions prospective and existing models ask, and this one usually comes up in the top ten list – why are some models more successful than others? 

We’ll walk you through key attributes that will help get models noticed, ahead of the crowd and reap success in a flourishing modelling career – no matter which species they are, mind you! Pet models can also tap into some of the relevant key points that will suitably apply to them with love, attention and training.

Key attributes to modelling success are:

Having self-confidence

Models need to exude confidence and translate this through the camera, on set, at a promotional event or wherever they have been designated to present themselves. If this doesn’t come to you so easily but you’re eager to start this career, then invest in yourself by talking to someone you trust, reading and referencing confidence building material and communicating with our team too.

We’re also there for our models, from start to finish, on every assignment, to give them moral support, answer their questions and guide them through their brief, expectations and results. Models Direct are here to build confidence in our models and empower them.

Handling rejection like a boss

It isn’t easy to handle rejection but this is a process that every model has to deal with during their career. Not every client will want your look and if they select you for a casting, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll choose you. You need to have a thick skin and acknowledge that you won’t be the right fit for every project. The important thing to remember is to try not to take it personally and to look forward to the many more opportunities ahead which may open even more doors for you!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

You’ll be on your feet, on the go and moving around on assignments so having good physical stamina to maintain these demands is important. We have lots of blogs you can read through focusing on healthy diets and exercising to lend you ideas and access on the importance of a healthy lifestyle – for now, and in the long run.

Be a fashionista 

Models should keep their eyes peeled for the latest fashion trends and what’s hot off the press in the modelling world. If you’re up to date, let your audience know by uploading regularly on social media. Clients will be interested if you’re active on social media platforms so ensure to keep all your accounts looking professional (best to avoid those boozy Friday night snaps!)

Current portfolio images

Models have portfolios that clients like to access to visualise whether they are the right fit for the work. Portfolios demonstrate models’ flair for the camera, individuality, ability to translate different looks, moods and styles. Any changing looks need to be presented in this vital piece of visual representation so that clients are aware of changes.

Other characteristics that can help models experience modelling success are independence, organisational skills, availability, responsiveness and persistence. 

As a model, your job is to cut through all the noise in the modelling world, get seen, get heard, get noticed. Why? Well, opportunities don’t happen by chance (most of the time anyway!) You have to go out and grab them yourself! Are you ready to take the initiative alongside having the support of a super team of modelling experts who are driven with the utmost professionalism, industry knowledge and dedication?

Welcome to Models Direct – building our models’ future for modelling success.