Promotional Modelling

Hands up who’s thought of becoming a model? For many, promotional modelling is the best option. Read on… 

If you’re reading this we hope you’ve appeared in a few modelling shoots and are looking forward to filling your CV in 2023 with many more assignments. Alternatively, if modelling is new to you, you’ll want to know the best way to kick-off what could be a long and successful career – or, at the very least, an enjoyable sideline rewarded by extra income.

The best piece of advice is to explore all modelling avenues, and decide which might work best for you. We represent hundreds of models in many different types of modelling, so some of you may prefer fitness modelling to, say, general fashion modelling. Perhaps you have elegant hands that demand to be seen, or glossy hair perfect for cosmetic campaigns – therefore, specific body part modelling will suit you down to the ground  

If you’re unsure which type of modelling should catch your attention, we can offer a lifeline to save a little time. Two words: promotional modelling. Whilst experience certainly is useful and we value models with prior assignments under their belts, promotional modelling is probably the most suitable for models with little or no experience.

“Promo” modelling is quite easy to define. It is generally regarded as actively mingling with potential customers – e.g. at a trade show or the grand opening of a product or brand. It’s more of a “hands on” type of modelling, so it appeals to models who like to socialise and chat (“Where do I sign?” we hear a few of you asking.) The best way to think of promo models are as brand ambassadors – the link between the product and the customer. More than anything, promo models should be enthusiastic, conversational, confident and believe in the brand they are representing (it’s easy to spot someone who hasn’t their heart in a promo assignment).

Some factors to think about promotional modelling are:

1. As we wait with baited breath on the easing of lockdown restrictions, promo modelling could be a genuinely viable modelling option for almost anyone.

2. Most promo jobs are open to models of all ages.

3. It’s a great way to break into other areas of modelling.

4. It’s also one of the best ways to gain contacts, as you’ll likely meet hundreds of new people.

5. Impress customers and the company by researching the company’s brands, its history, key staff members etc. A little bit of knowledge could pay large dividends in the end!

6. Promo models raise awareness. Sometimes, promo models don’t “sell” as such. For example, a charity may want promo models to chat with the public and to distribute leaflets, answering any queries along the way. This method is often more effective than any website or media-channelled platform could achieve. Don’t underestimate the power of the “human touch”!

Promotional modelling has been the first rung on a modelling career ladder for many others, so why not join in the fun? You’ll be paid – naturally – and who knows where it could lead. Exciting times, huh?

Have a look here for more info and to apply.