Earning money as a model

What’s the difference between working for a fee, and working for no money? It’s not a joke – some people do indeed work for no money and, if it suits, fair play to them! But working for no fee is really the same as volunteering. This is admirable (depending on the cause), although most of us would expect some kind of payment for their efforts. And why shouldn’t we?

Modelling should be categorised as paid workers, just the same as TV extras or film actors. Models work for the same goal as the clients they are representing – that is, a successful photo shoot or film advert to generate sales. Though the model doesn’t directly get any benefit from the sales or exposure, they are a vital “cog” in the working machine and are indispensable to both agencies and clients.

A lot of models don’t concentrate too much on being professionals. Sure, if more work is offered then making modelling a profession is perfectly feasible. But often this takes lots of hard work, dedication and bundles of resolve. We’re not highlighting this to put off anyone with aspirations of becoming a full-time model. On the contrary – we’ll work with you so you can progress in the industry and give a good shot at realising your dream. But no one should be under the illusion that it’s easy. Generally in life, success doesn’t come without putting in the extra mile. How far you go is dependent on your commitment and enthusiasm.

Many models are happy to enjoy their work in a part-time capacity, as it’s often more convenient for them. This is a win-win situation; adult models with families or full-time jobs could be perfectly happy working, say, once a month, whilst most child models tend to have more assignments during school holidays when they have more spare time. Everyone’s schedules are different, but the trick is to enjoy the work, make some money (and contacts), and continue progressing.

Earning money by modelling can be one of the most envious jobs out there. We’ve stressed that full-time modelling work is a rare breed and all modelling work requires professionalism at all times – even a day or two before the “big day” (travel planning, research, clothes / make-up etc). But is it worth it? You bet it is! We’ve had thousands of applicants throughout our illustrious 30+ years in the industry, each with their own story to tell, and each collecting various fees.

Earning money as a model starts with joining a great agency with a comprehensive list of clients. That’ll be us, then! 

Our booking team will then use their extensive experience to match modelling jobs with the right models. We take into account all the client’s requirements and our model’s particulars – age, postcode area, skills etc.

Modelling fees are often determined by the client and the length of the assignment. Starting fees usually start from £100 per day, and can increase to the £1,000 mark. Better than a one-off “9-5” job, right? Whilst we’re open to discussion and to allay any concerns, modelling assignments vary so fees are not all the same. What we can say with confidence (and backed-up by hundreds of great feedback from our models) is that all our assignments are well worthwhile, and our clients make sure models are happy and comfortable on the day.

Why save your money from our modelling jobs for a rainy day? Be ambitious and save your fees for a sunny one – preferably on holiday! It’s not a pipe dream, and quite achievable. You need the drive to succeed, and we’re with you every step of the way.