Dos and don’ts for teen modelling photographs

Are you a teen model considering updating your e-portfolio pictures – or are you a teenager who is hoping to become a model?

Or perhaps you are the parent of a teenage model or young person who is eager to join us?

Here are some top tips and dos and don’ts to help or your teenager ensure they submit the kinds of pictures that we at Models Direct – and our clients – need to see:


Ask a friend or family member to help you take some pictures. Selfies can be OK, but they need to be taken at a good distance, so your face isn’t distorted, and without too much pouting. It is probably easier to ask someone else to do it for you.

Use your own phone or camera – but make sure you save, transfer and upload the pictures in their original form. Don’t make them any smaller or larger if your phone asks you whether you want to. If they are too small, they may become pixelated, and we won’t be able to see you clearly. Photos that are too large may not upload properly.

Choose a great background for your photo shoot. Make sure it’s not too busy or cluttered. We don’t want it to detract from the main subject of the shot – you! But it can be somewhere interesting or beautiful – maybe a park, beach or somewhere in the city. Show us your creativity, but without overdoing it!

Use a tripod to ensure the camera stays steady and the pictures are not blurred.

Plan your outfits carefully. Keep colours plain and keep patterns to a minimum. The shots need to be clear and simple, while also giving us a sense of who you are as a person.

Keep make up to a minimum too. It is tempting to layer on the lippy, eye shadow, bronzer and blusher but, we only find that distracting. Remember, less is more!

Select carefully. Only send us a few of the very best pictures.


Necessarily pay for professional photography. We need your pictures to be updated regularly and so using a professional can be very costly. We are not judging you on your photography skills – we just need to see pictures that are clear and for you to follow our guidelines.

Use photography filters. We need your images to be clear and to reflect you as you really are.

Edit or photoshop the pictures to change your appearance at all. We need genuine pictures showing you as you really are. We accept people of all shapes, sizes and appearances but we need to be able to show clients what you truly look like, otherwise you might be turned away from a job when you arrive.

Overdress. Keep your clothing simple yet stylish. Reflect your personality but don’t overdo it. Don’t wear too many pieces of clothing or too many accessories as we need to be able to see you clearly.

Send us images that are too revealing. Yes, we want to see you, but not too much please! Wear clothes you might normally wear when you are out and about with your friends and family.

Pull silly expressions. Have fun with the photo shoot, keep it playful and show us your lovely smile – but no pouts or funny expressions please! We want to see what your face normally looks like – and so do our clients. They may well not choose you if they can’t see who you really are.

Spend hours worrying about how to take your pictures – just make a start and have fun! You may well be surprised at how well it all comes together!