Models Direct’s Autumn Skincare Recommendations

We’re moving towards autumn quite quickly, so it’s time to review not just our wardrobe but our skincare essentials. Our models will need to bear in mind this season’s weather change as prospective assignments may lie ahead. They’ll need to be autumn-ready and translating good skincare that has been adapted to combat the colder weather’s effects is really important. After all, the condition of their skin will be picked up by the camera and looking their professional best is key. Models Direct recommend fantastic must-try skincare products so models get that nourishing glow. 

Nourishing face masks

The power of face masks can be overlooked because they work by making you wait. In our busy daily routine, we can struggle to sit down for even a few moments but 5-20 minutes can mean a whole lot for your skin, not to mention some downtime for relaxation and reflection. With the colder weather approaching, this skin hero is an inexpensive gem packed with ingredients that draw impurities out and renew the skin (which in the end is well worth the wait!) 

Eye cream dream

The skin around your eyes is unlike the skin on your face. It’s much more delicate which makes it prone to wrinkles, sagging, puffiness and dryness. (Basically, all the stuff that nightmares are made from). So invest in an eye cream to help combat any premature ageing before the autumn weather gets to it first.

Enriching day and night moisturisers

Never underestimate the value of having separate moisturisers for your day and night autumn skincare regime. Daily moisturisers are light and hydrating whilst nighttime skincare formulas are rich in texture and deeply nourishing. 

What the body cannot do during the day, it does during the night. Your skin is the largest organ on your body: it rebuilds its collagen, repairs UV exposure damage, reduces wrinkles and age spots. Who’d have thought you’d get all of this from a good night’s sleep? So, the best way to aid this would be to give your skin an extra helping hand by investing in a nighttime moisturiser that’s suitable for your skin type. 

Invest in a primer

Sometimes we can skip this part in our skincare regime altogether but applying a primer is a good habit to prepare your skin for a layer of perfection and more products. As an autumn skincare go-to, this product is a worthy contender for your collection.

The skincare takeaway

For those of you who aren’t looking forward to the cooler months ahead due to altering skincare routines, we hope that we have inspired you with some more products to add to your collection. 

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in modelling, you’ve come to the right place. Our agency is an expert in this field and always welcome models to join our modelling hub. We actively connect our talent to clients whenever their look is called for and we ensure that we don’t function as a showcase agency unlike some other agencies out there. We’re transparent and never mislead our models into thinking that they’ll always land jobs. We do try our very best for our models and also encourage them to keep their details and portfolios up to date and current. 

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