Teen models

From bright sparks emerge fireworks.

This idiom suits teenage models down to a tee. Teens can gain new experiences at any stage of their pre-adult years, with most of them aiding them through the transition from curious fledglings to full-blown (and full-grown) adults.

Modelling is the perfect paid accompaniment for any hectic teen life. With school commitments, sporting events and (we hope) a whole load of social activities to maintain a sound mental condition, teenagers have eventful years building up to higher education and full-time careers. Commercial modelling can be a lucrative diversion for teens, as they can pick and choose which assignments to go for so they don’t interfere with school or holidays. That’s why commercial modelling ticks all boxes, and it’s no surprise that Models Direct is the no.1 choice for teens across the whole country.

Though we require by law to have all our teen registration forms to be signed by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 18 years, most of teens revel in taking their own photos on Smartphones (we’re sure most of you are well versed in this!) Once these have been uploaded on the form, all it takes is a simple completion of the contact details by the parent, and away you go! The registration form is here

We’re a completely up-front and transparent agency, so we’re constantly giving our models (and clients) tips and relevant information on the growing commercial modelling industry. We do this through our website, via other blog, and on several social media channels. Plus, as we’re human, you can also resort to the more traditional e-mail or telephone call – our booking professionals will be pleased to hear from you! That said, many teenagers and parents are right to have a few queries, so let us set a few straight!

Can you model at 14 years of age?
Why, yes, of course you can! You might be surprised (or maybe not) at how many requests we get for 14 year-old models.

Can you model at 15?

How tall are teenage models?
We specialise in commercial modelling for top clients, so we’re not interested in height or weight restrictions. There is no definitive height a teenage model should be. What if you’re above height? Great! Below average height? Fine! Teenagers need to have the get-up-and-go to commit to modelling jobs when appointed, so enthusiasm trumps pigeonholed stereotypes every day of the week! the more variety the better, thank you very much!

Can you model at 16?
Yes. We appreciate that exams and holidays might play a part in a teenage model’s availability, and we always emphasise that any of our models have the choice to accept or decline assignments our clients select them for. But age-wise, 16 is a very desirable age for a model. As examples, have a look at some recent requests that came in from our clients:

Modelling as a teenager is extremely rewarding – both mentally and in the bank account! We have gained hundreds of brands that are crying out for teenage models just like you. Give modelling a whirl, because it could be just what you’re looking for!