How to Use the Job Board

Each job has a straight-to-the-point heading, encapsulating the most important information. They usually state the gender, age and type of modelling work required. Further details which can be included are the job dates, budget and location. Models need to log in first though before going ahead to apply! It’s straightforward and hands control over to our talent so that they can apply themselves alongside our dedicated team actively looking for work for them too.

They can filter the jobs by shortlisting the categories available so that they can focus on positions of their personal preference. This helps to narrow their search down to what will be most suitable for them as individuals.

Models Direct give our amazing talent lots of opportunities to move into the spotlight with marketing and advertising assignments. We’ll discuss how our handy job board can be used in conjunction with the conventional way of booking our models for work. Let’s make a start.

What is our job board?

The job board is a comprehensive space on our website where our MD team update new modelling jobs (usually) daily. These can be often last-minute, low-budget opportunities which require little or no experience. It’s a great way for model start-ups to get themselves on the career ladder in this lucrative industry. This is a chance for prospective and existing models to go ahead and apply for positions that they feel are most fitting for them.

A couple of real-life examples

To give you an idea, one of the most recent job posts on our job board at the time of writing this blog is job reference: KSQX-7439. This post states that it’s based in the UK where female models aged between 19 to 32 years of age are required for a Halloween shoot on the 7th and 8th of October. The budget is still yet to be confirmed…

Whilst another job posting, job reference: RYVM-3663, is also based in the UK where male models aged between 18 to 38 years of age are needed for an oral care product photo shoot from the 6th of October to the 7th of October. Again, the budget is still yet to be confirmed.

These two examples are just a couple of the many we have up on our board so there’s plenty to view and choose from should our models be interested in taking a direct approach to finding work. Our models are also not limited to how many posts they can apply for, making this avenue an easier way to open more doors.

Take advantage of the opportunity

Sounds open and hands-on? That’s because it is! Our models tend to use this space to just go for it and grab new opportunities for new careers and life experiences. And even though some of the projects lie on a lower end of the budget, this does not deter new and existing models from applying. It’s a win-win situation for our talent, and we certainly love seeing our terrific troopers get booked, whether it’s through our modelling coordinators or via our job board.

Many of our Models Direct talent have shared their nuggets of knowledge and awesome experiences for the benefit of their fellow models from written testimonials or Instagram reels. This is helping bring the experiences to life, and it’s been incredible to see the progress some of our very own MD models have made. Check out our social media platforms to find out more about our agency and take a look at our job board when you get the chance.

Unleash your inner fire!

Since going green is a smarter way of living sustainably, using our job board is a smarter way of applying for modelling work. So, don’t hold back this 2022 – you don’t need to wait for a new year to make new changes and do things differently. Unleash your inner fire and make things happen today by exploring, applying and then waiting for the good news from us. Good luck; we can’t wait to meet and connect you with our clients!