Promotional Bookings: Promoting a Product

What do start-ups, enterprises, small businesses and giant corporations all have in common? At some stage in their marketing journey, they may need to make an impactful promotional advert to get an in-demand commodity or service seen by a wide audience. It’s a clever method of exposure where one way is getting people on board to help push a crucial part of the business.

Models Direct Promotional models

Why models are important for marketing

The route can vary from brand to brand but one method is to book models who can carry the campaign’s message across beautifully to a large audience and successfully accelerate it into a winning one. Let’s face it – models are innovative creative spirits with a flair for trying out new experiences and taking opportunities to be a part of a game-changing industry.

It really doesn’t stop at a photoshoot with modelling poses calling for a moody ambience or a catwalk that requires a serious demeanour. Models’ skills extend beyond that and you find so many taking on extraordinary roles as part of their comprehensive job descriptions (one being promotional work, no doubt).

Models Direct child model promoting supermarket bakery products

Our top pick of trending 2022 products

Models Direct has picked five trending products that have caused a storm in 2022. Many have had promotional models advertise their products to capture the audience’s attention and get them to pull out their wallets to make a purchase. Having models do this builds a more human connection with the product or service making it relatable and thus memorable. They help encourage the audience to take positive action whether it is to buy the product or talk about it to others (bearing in mind the power of social media now!).

Our team got into their research mode to see what’s been flying off the shelves this year. We’ve seen a big aluminium bottle trend promoting sustainability, which is a current issue given our climate crisis, come to the forefront this year. Craft kits have got people tapping into their creativity, such as knitting and cross stitching, and trying out perhaps a new skill they wouldn’t have tried out before. Couch covers have been very popular to keep those sofas feeling revived and well-loved at a budget, whilst at-home nail kits for those budding nail enthusiasts to explore their creativity.

Does this tickle your fancy?
So whether this means you’re asked to help raise money for Skin Cancer Awareness like our models, Trinity and Janay, did for Southampton Boat Show or bespoke product launches such as Acco Brand’s live show with Jamie, Benjamin, Megan and Oreka, promotional modelling is one modelling division that is ready to go!

If you reckon you’ve got the drive, motivation and inspiration to become a model, particularly one that goes beyond a traditional photo shoot, speak to our team today. We’ve got an extensive amount of knowledge to back our passion and interest in investing real people in the modelling industry. Our agency’s ethos is still going strong – requesting everyone who is reading this blog to apply and become part of our modelling squad. This will continue to be at the forefront of our business for years to come and we look forward to seeing you all journey with us. Enjoy the world of modelling and gain amazing marketing skills such as promotional gigs that’ll go down in marketing history books.