50+ and modelling – why we want to see you!

Life seems to be getting busier, doesn’t it? Especially for experienced professional workers. Just when you have all the chores ticked off, another one makes its way into the “to do list”. Add onto that social events, family occasions and looking after relatives, and it’s a wonder that any objectives are actually accomplished in the first place.

We understand that this particularly rings true for many people in the 50 + years of age category. How can you fit everything in?

More mature individuals carry with them added responsibilities; work meetings and daily reminders popping up on phones is the norm for many. Letting off steam in a new, exciting way can nullify pressures associated with a chaotic schedules…and this is where modelling comes to the party!

Though teens and children are invaluable in the commercial modelling world, we’re constantly on the lookout for fresh 50+ faces to add a certain refined charm to our extensive list of modelling assignments. Why the demand? Simple – our clients need you, and they approach us directly as their trusted model provider! So, are you the next one to show off your sophistication in front of the camera? You could be, and sooner than you think!

Modelling in your 50s can be a realistic and highly enjoyable pastime. When we say “pastime”, modelling can indeed be considered as a hobby, with models choosing which jobs work best for them, and treating them as a fun way to make a decent day rate in a professional setting. A lot of our models are perfect for jobs, but choose to decline assignments for many reasons: too far to travel; the date of job clashes with another engagement…whatever the reason, we accept it and then we revert back to doing what’s made us the no.1 modelling agency – that is, working harder to get you the perfect modelling gig! Read more about us

We’ve already provided hundreds of models with an eclectic range of jobs, ranging from filming in studios to photo shoots in the capital. Our clients know what they’re looking for, and we’re experts at recommending the right models to satisfy their needs. We’ve placed more mature models in insurance promotions to appeal to the right audience, as well as getting a message across from local councils. From legal firms to hospitality groups, from banking corporations to posing as grandparents…there is no limit to which parts a 50 year old can play. And to help let off that steam, working with professionals and striking up new relationships is a genuinely fun way to alleviate Monday-Friday stresses. Plus, every single modelling job comes with it the best fees in the business. how does that grab you?!

The link below highlights some our recent current openings. You’ll notice a few opportunities for modelling 50-year-olds. If you haven’t registered with us yet, the natural first step is to submit your details to us.

If you’re in your 50s, you may have been climbing the career ladder for the past 30 or so years. Why not reach that extra rung and extend your work experience into commercial modelling? No prior experience is necessary: you just need determination, radiance, and confidence. You bring that, and we’ll do the rest!