National Creativity Day – 30th May

Do you know about National Creativity Day? If you didn’t, then here’s our MD blog dedicated to informing and inspiring you about the celebration of this creative day. So, let’s get creative!

A flair for creating awesomeness

Creativity doesn’t have a 24-hour time limit. It’s something that can be triggered and incorporated when you’re navigating your compass without a time frame hanging over your head. Very much like modelling, tapping into your creative powers can be kick-started at any point in your life.

When it comes to National Creativity Day, this day celebrates and encourages creative magic in all its forms. Its purpose is to acknowledge the importance of self-expression, imagination and tapping into inner artistry whether it be through writing, art, music, dance or another creative outlet.

Mark this date in your calendars

Since 2018, this significant day has been celebrated on the 30th of May hoping to ignite newfound or long-lost interests and passions, and this year, it’ll be no different. When we talk about creativity at our top UK modelling agency, we think of modelling as being a form of art. It’s an expression of the self; a means of bringing out a side that’s perhaps not been unearthed yet. A world filled with new skills and talents that surprise you! It could also mean drawing that creativity out in someone else! Think of all the models out there. They’ve charged their imagination and fuelled innovation so that they can get seen and heard despite all of the loud noise in the industry. It’s a joy to see new models explore their undiscovered talent. Our team sees this day in, day out when our models strike a pose with a splash of creative streak and this shows in their work!

Great tips on what to do on the day

If this is your first time celebrating this day or a space which you haven’t revisited in a while then here are some useful tips and gentle reminders to help you make the most out of the day. You can…

Get involved in something creative

Taking up a new hobby or trying out a creative project you’ve always been wanting to do is a great start. This could be anything creative that lets you express yourself such as modelling (yes, we might have been a little predictable there!), cooking, painting, knitting, sewing, building Lego structures and so on. The list is limitless.

Attend an event that celebrates creativity

Find out what’s happening in your area. Chances are that something creative is scheduled such as modelling classes, yoga, art classes, music festivals, or theatre performances.

Encourage others to be creative

Inspire those around you to recognise this day and beyond its celebration. Being creative can ignite positive change and influence so what better way to do this than to motivate others to explore their inner innovation and flair for something beyond?

Share your creativity with the world

Don’t keep it to yourself, share the love. Convey, inspire and motivate others by sharing your passion projects on a global platform. The more reach you have, the more likely it is your ideas will spark creativity in someone else’s vision. If you have modelling shots and videos you’d like to display, then go for it. You never know who you might influence to deep dive into something they thought they’d never be able to do or revive an old past time.