What is a last minute booking?

Good things come to those who wait.

But great things can happen on impulse.

Some of our available jobs are filled by models in a few weeks, some of them in a matter of days. It depends on the time of the shoot; clients can plan their marketing well in advance, whilst some assignments transpire with less preparation. It’s our job to supply our clients with the right models no matter how much notice we’re given. And we’re extremely good at doing just that.

That’s a huge bonus for clients, knowing that they have a good chance of securing top commercial models without a lot of warning. This is because we have a close-knit team of professionals who have a knack of identifying suitable models for each of our clients. This comes from years of experience and forming strong personal relationships with brands. It’s what we’ve done for over thirty years, and it’s a formula that has helped models and clients alike.

So, the timescale for modelling jobs to be filled varies. We do receive last minute requests by our clients, and these can be tricky to fill. Many models we recommend would jump at the chance to accept these jobs, but sometimes they can’t due to the lack of notice. That’s natural, and we certainly don’t blame them for these refusing jobs.

However, we have successfully placed models with clients almost at the spur-of-the-moment. By definition, last minute bookings are made by clients asking us to supply models without a lot of warning. Call it “at the eleventh-hour”, when models are urgently needed with hardly any notification. It’s similar to an office worker or a chef working on the same day as they were asked – usually to cover sickness, or periods of extreme activity, e.g. Christmas time or weekends.

Last minute opportunities for models don’t always happen because of lack of preparation. Most of our clients are nationally recognised brands with large marketing budgets, as well as specific teams to make their marketing campaigns happen. They usually plan well in advance, as they should. However, a brand’s marketing team could have a novel idea that may boost their value with consumers, and sometimes these ideas occur with little time to be effective. A good example would be a supermarket coming up with an improvised slogan for Easter, having rejected the previous one at the last minute. They might need a different type of model with little time to find one. And this is where we come into our own.

Our clients appreciate that we have the largest selection of commercial models anywhere in the UK. We’re by far the best bet for them to supply models at the last minute. Quite often, we’re they only chance they have in securing models at short notice.

It’s also useful for models to know that our jobs board doesn’t display all our available jobs. A lot of the opportunities on the jobs board are last minute bookings, or even some that are more difficult to fill than others. We plenty more jobs, which is great news for aspiring talent everywhere in the country.

When you apply with us, if we decide to represent you we’ll recommend you to any client that requires your looks. And if it’s a last minute booking, we’re sure you’ll be raring to go regardless of the short notice.