‘Top Tips’ to keeping your skin safe this summer

The great British summer may not always seem quite as hot and sunny as we’d like but, even so, it is vital to protect ourselves properly when we are out and about.

Whether or not you are involved in modelling or are someone who usually focuses on health and beauty, experts advise that we should all really be wearing an SPF cream all year round.

And in summer, when the sun is at its hottest, it is more important than ever to take SPF advice and be vigilant about protecting our skin from harmful rays. Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays damage the top layers of the skin, while Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays penetrate more deeply, reaching into the collagen.

Both types of ray can cause cellular and DNA damage resulting in dried out skin, wrinkles, thickening, pigmentation and skin cancer. 

But how do you select the right sunscreen for you?

This is what the experts say and what Models Direct recommends for healthy summer skin:

Always opt for a product with a minimum SPF of 30 and reapply it regularly

Choose a product with both UVA and UVB protection

Look at the product’s star rating – and choose one with four or five stars (this highlights the percentage of UVA radiation absorbed by the sunscreen in comparison to UVB)

If you are near water, snow or in another type of very bright area, especially where there are reflective surfaces, opt for a product with an SPF of 50

Read the labelling – make sure the product says clearly that it offers high protection

Don’t be tempted to go for a one application a day product – these do not always stand up to water, sweating, drying and rubbing: always reapply any sun protection product

Everyone should wear a product with an SPF factor but, the fairer your skin is, the more likely it is to be damaged

Do not expect a moisturiser with an SPF in it to give you the same protection as a sunscreen. This will help against very small levels of exposure but not full sun

Remember, even with a sunscreen product on, you should still limit your exposure to the sun; wear suitable clothing; drink lots of water and retreat to the shade frequently