How often should I update photos of my child model?

Parents of baby, toddler and junior models often ask us the same question:

How often should I take new pictures of my child and update their e-portfolio?

Our beautiful boys and gorgeous girls grow up so quickly, so the answer is at least every three to six months…

And even more often than that if your baby or toddler is changing quickly!

Here is a list of suggestions for deciding when to consider taking new pictures to replace existing ones:

Seasonal photos

If possible, try to take a new set of photos as every new season approaches or arrives. This means that you will be updating your child’s e-portfolio at least every three to four months. Not only can the new season act as a reminder that it is time to get out there snapping, but it also means we will have a lovely set of images to look at that are timely and relevant – sun hats and sunshine in the summer and winter woollies and crisp blue skies in the winter.

Hair cut photos

Little ones develop so fast – one minute they have a head of soft baby hair and the next you are taking them along for their first haircut or tying pony tails and bows ready for their first day of school. It is always a good idea to take a new set of pictures if their hair starts looking very different. Trying to remember to do this after a trip to the hairdresser or barber can also be a good idea.

Glasses, braces and earrings

Some mums and dads take their little ones along to get their ears pierced when they are quite small and there are many kiddies who start wearing glasses before they go off to nursery and school. Then, as they get older, some youngsters, of course, start needing tooth braces and retainers. All these things will make a difference to the way they look, but, don’t worry, this doesn’t make them any less suitable to be child models! We just need to have accurate photos of how they look. The clients Models Direct works with wants junior models who reflect the real youngsters that are out there and cuties with glasses, braces or earrings may fit the bill perfectly. But you do need to update their e-portfolio photos if there are any changes like these to their appearance.

Mark the milestones

Milestone moments can be a great time to get snapping with your camera. Try to remember to take a whole new set of photos on birthdays, Christmases and when your bundle of joy first goes to playgroup, nursery or school. These are all exciting times and could well be times when you are there with your camera anyway, ready to mark the very special moment.

Happy times

There are many other happy times too when you can get your phone or camera out to see if you can get a new set of lovely pictures. Holidays, when everyone is relaxed and quite possibly having fun on the beach or out in the beautiful countryside, can be the ideal time. When you are enjoying a lovely day out as a family can also provide opportunities – sunny afternoons in the park, long walks through the woods or days out on the train to somewhere colourful and exciting perhaps…

We love to see new photos on your child’s e-portfolio, but we don’t expect you to be leaping about with your camera every day. Just try to keep an eye on how much your little one is changing and try to take new pictures on some of the occasions mentioned above. The key thing is regularity, then if you do your part, we can do ours, confident in the knowledge that the pictures we are showing our clients are fresh, up-to-date and really reflect how your little child model looks.