A Winter Wonderland of Baby Modelling

Hey baby, you are going to look gorgeous this winter so why not see if Mum and Dad would like everyone to share their happiness?

Babies born this summer and autumn – and even this winter itself – could be just perfect to take part in a range of exciting modelling assignments over the coming months.

Winter is when all sorts of campaigns and promotions take place and when bouncing bundles of joy are often required for advertising and other projects ready for the new year.

At Models Direct, we have seen great success with our baby models over the 30 years or so we have been operating as a fully certified and registered agency.

Our beautiful babies have appeared in everything from television programmes and informational series to advertising campaigns for major high street names.

Clients we have provided baby models for in the past have included Pampers, Actimel, Next and Mamas and Papas, as well as the BBC, Tesco and British Lion Eggs.

Potential clients of all sizes, however, are welcome to contact us with their requirements as we have also supplied little ones for small local campaigns and shoots.

Baby modelling can be fun for the parents, as well as the little ones.

We have cuties on our books whose mothers were maternity models for us and then when their babies were born, the tiny tots became newborn, baby and toddler models.

Having worked with babies for so long, we can explain to Mums and Dads exactly what to expect from a booking if we offer it to them.

The decision is then theirs as to whether or not to accept it.

The first step in the process is to fill in an application form, telling us all about your bundle of joy; send us some photos too, taking care to follow our guidelines for taking baby pictures.

When our clients approach us seeking baby models, we then present them with any little ones on our books who meet their requirements.

If they are selected by the client, we contact Mum and Dad to explain more about the work.

Our own team members and those involved in the assignment on the day – the production team, director and crew members etc – will ensure the parents have a full understanding of what will happen.

We all also appreciate that working with babies requires a very careful and sensitive approach and having the calming presence of Mum or Dad there on set is essential.

You will bring along everything your baby might need for the day, from nappies and spare clothing to milk, food and their favourite toys.

We look after you as much as we look after the baby – and this is why so many of our parents report back afterwards to tell us just how positive their experience has been.

Taking your baby along to a modelling job and then seeing their sparkly eyed, beaming face appearing on a screen, in a brochure or on product packaging is so rewarding.

In fact, many of our Mums and Dads tell us they just could not be prouder!