What do I need to look like to be a model? Your questions answered….

Models Direct has been in the modelling industry for more than 30 years now and as such we have a deep understanding of all its ins and outs.

Models Direct team

We have seen all the trends as they have evolved over the years, and we have been side-by-side with our clients as their requirements have changed.

Some of our team members have been there right from the beginning and others have been with us for over 10 or 20 years.

And as such they are all well placed to help all our new and experienced models as they take on assignments and make their journey through the world of modelling.

Our team is often asked questions by would-be models, especially on the subject of looks. So here are just some of those questions – and the answers we give.

Q: What do I need to look like to be a model?

A: Yourself! Models can’t (and don’t!) look all the same. They need to look like the people the advertisers and those putting campaigns together are targeting. Increasingly over the years, clients have come to realise that their models must reflect the people who will be buying their products and services. They therefore need people with all sorts of different looks to feature in the films and photography to promote whatever they are selling.

Models Direct commercial models on set for NSPCC

Q: Do I need to have a standard body size to be a model?

A: No! And, anyway, what is a standard body size these days? In the world of modelling, we need people of all sizes, heights and weights. We have work for plus-size models, curvy models, petite models and tall models – male and female. All we ask is that you are confident in your body and proud of who you are. And that you are happy to step out in front of a camera and be the very best model you can be for the task in hand. Our existing models are a glorious spectrum of different body sizes, and we receive requests from clients for models matching all their various body sizes at different times.

Q: I am a quirky dresser, can I still be a model?

A: Yes, you can dress however you like in your own time when you are a model. And we are very happy for you to reflect that in the photography you send us, as long as the pictures are a good quality and appropriate for us to show our clients. We like our models to try to reveal their personality through their photography, without going too over the top! Remember, however, that while you might be selected for a job because you are a quirky dresser, when you are out on assignment you will need to wear whatever the director or costume department requests.

Q: How should my hair look in my photography?

A: It should reflect your personality and you can have fun with it, but what is most essential is that it should look the way it is today in your photography. If you change your style or colour drastically, you need to upload new photography. Our clients won’t be happy if they select you for your long, red, curly locks and you turn up with a jet-black pixie cut. Also, aways make sure your hair does not cover your face or parts of your face in your photography, and, if you have long hair, you may wish to include at least one image with your hair tied back. This shows your potential versatility as a model and gives us a clear picture of your face.

Q: Can I be a model if I have tattoos?

A: Yes – but, again, you need to ensure these are reflected in your e-portfolio if they are visible. If we have a photo of you in a short-sleeved t-shirt and a client selects you from that, and you turn up with a new tattoo on your arm then they may turn you away. Many people have tattoos these days and clients will certainly be interested in seeing any of yours that are visible as that may well make you even more suitable for certain jobs.

If you have other questions about your looks, one of our team will be only too happy to chat to you if you contact us.

You can also ask us any questions when we call you after you have applied.