Pre-Booking Nerves and How to Deal with Them

Pre-Booking Nerves and How to Deal with Them

It’s natural to feel like a bundle of nerves when you’re facing a new situation (or a familiar one which takes you out of your comfort zone) – it’s normal and happens to the best of us. Anxiety can catch us at any moment and in any situation which can feel pretty scary. When it comes to modelling, Models Direct is aware of the nerves that can spring up particularly pre-booking butterflies. If you’re in this situation and not sure how to tackle the jitters, please read on to practice ways to help reduce the nerves.

1.      Preparation is key

Getting familiar with what your day will shape up to look like will help get you assignment-ready, and hopefully reduce anxiety. Knowing who the client is, their history, their vision with the assignment, where it will be based, how long it’ll be for, if you’re working with other models, and dress code, you’ll cover majority of the key areas beforehand, so you are prepared and ready for the lights, camera, and action. If underprepared, clients will not be satisfied that you didn’t take the time to read the brief (which is provided to everyone who is selected for modelling work, and an essential aspect that our MD coordinators cover with each of our selected models before their assignment day).

2.      Explore our social platforms

Our socials are a real reflection of our work as a modelling and talent agency. There’s no exaggerated fluff – no post – text, video or reel that does not display the true essence of our work. So, heading over to our Models Direct platforms and exploring what other models have expressed about their work to gain a real insight, recommendations, and advice can help reduce pre-booking nerves.

3.      Try some mindfulness

Get into the zone and find your zen with mindfulness. Be in the present moment and really concentrate on what’s happening right in front of you, the sounds you can hear and the smells around you. We can get bogged down about the past and feel troubled about the future (both things we have no control over) but what we can do is to focus on today, right here and right now. Try to enjoy the day you have ahead of you instead of occupying your thoughts with worry which will in turn effect your psychology and physiology.

4.      Say positive things to yourself

Be kind to yourself and remember all of the great things you’ve been able to achieve in your life so far. It’s easy to be hard on yourself and expect too much but actively take time out to say nice things to yourself and believe those words. This will likely boost your confidence and lessen those pre-booking jitters and anything else that worries you. Self-care and self-love are things that should have always been implemented even before they were a thing! You deserve it!

5.      Fill your life with positive people

Having someone to talk to, someone you can trust with your feelings is a great way to decrease anxiety. It’s a practical stress buster when you talk about what’s worrying you and looking at life through a different and positive lens. So, surround yourself with people who will uplift you, value your voice and take time out for you.

6.      Get in touch with our coordinators

Don’t forget that you can always contact our MD coordinators. If you cannot call during our business hours, we are always an email away. We can walk you through what will usually happen on an assignment, giving you a heads up. As for post-assignment, we don’t just leave it there. Our expert team ensures we conduct a happiness check where we find out how it all went, and of course, if you were happy with how the assignment went.