Models Direct – get to know us a little better!

When a business or agency has a strong presence online it can be hard to imagine who the people are behind it – and to know whether in fact they are actually real.

But here we are!

Click on to our Meet the Team page to find out more about all of us – the very real people who run Models Direct – each of whom is extremely passionate about what we do.

Meet Damian, who set the agency up over 30 years ago, and has grown it to become the international operation it is today.

Damian knows everything there is to know about running a genuine, reputable modelling agency, which is government-regulated and actively seeks work for its models.

Many other businesses operating online make false claims about being agencies, when in fact all they do is post photographs of models and would-be models on their websites.

At Models Direct we have a full team of highly experienced members of staff, who have long-standing relationships with existing clients and work tirelessly to forge connections with new ones.

Find out more about Suzy, Kara, Jane, Mandy, Anna, Gemma, Billie, Heidi, Charlie and Andrew too – read more about each of us and why we love working for Models Direct.

Most of us have worked for Models Direct for years and our sole job it is to support our models and would-be models.

Whenever a new model applies to join us, they are contacted by one of our friendly team members, each of whom is only too happy to answer their questions and explain a little more about how we work.

We all know our business inside-out and understand exactly how the modelling industry works too.

We won’t make you any false promises and if you have any concerns at all you only have to pick up the phone.

Once you join us, you will have one point of contact at Models Direct and if you take up an assignment with us, this person will ensure you know exactly where you need to be, when you need to be there and what will be required of you.

We love our jobs.

We love nothing more than successfully pairing a model with an assignment – and our role is to be there for you when you need us.

So, remember, we are human! We are real!

We are the people who keep Models Direct running smoothly – and if you need us for anything at all, you only have to contact us.