Tattoos and Modelling

Are you a part of the tattoo community?

Getting inked isn’t unusual anymore – so many of us have a tat that tells a story of the soul and represents artistic value. Our tattoos illustrate individuality, creativity, significance, and can make others curious to learn about their meaning. Whether it’s one or ten and counting, this form of body art is much-loved and desired across the world.

Model Amy VZNP-3749

Once you start, you may find you’re adding more on in your lifetime (quite the additive habit, eh?). Why not though? If you love the idea of a brand-new design, and you’re thinking that it’s now or never, then don’t let anything hold you back. As long as you’re 100% certain, get it done in the right circumstances and conditions, and with a reputable tattooist. You can showcase your diverse characteristics as a model as this modelling category is high in demand!

Thinking about becoming a human canvas?

Tattoo parlours and artists can be found dotted around almost every area in the country so if ever you have the urge, there’s bound to be one near you. If not, it might mean some trekking to do but if you’re after something permanent, the distance won’t dampen the mood. However, it’s extremely important to consider safe tattoo practices and whether your chosen parlour accommodates and strictly follows these, because if they don’t, you’ll know not to go there. (More about this in the next section!)

When can you get a tattoo?

In the UK, you have to be aged 18 or over to get permanent body art. For anyone younger – you’ll have to wait till it’s legal. The age restriction is set out by the Tattooing of Minor Act 1969, but in cases where it needs to be performed for medical reasons by a qualified medical practitioner then it’ll go ahead regardless of age.

For artists, they’ll need to obtain a licence from their local council, for themselves and their premises, and have a displayed copy of this in a prominent place. They’ll also need to ensure they renew their licence according to the local council’s guidelines. This can differ from area to area and potentially be up for renewal every 18 months. So, when you walk into a tattoo shop, you’ll want to make sure they’re a reputable studio, have fully qualified and trained staff, wash their hands and wear gloves for every new procedure, have the correct and sealed equipment, and also sterilise non disposable apparatus. There’s a lot of processes to look out for so pay your chosen shop a visit beforehand to see what they have in place and if you’re happy with what you see and feel.

Embrace your uniqueness

If you’ve adorned your body with patterns, modelling agencies embrace their presence. Long gone are the days where they may have been frowned upon where you might have had to cover them. We’ve got iconic models who’ve lined up to get inked and display art in their line of work such as Cara Delevingne, Slick Woods, and Kate Moss. Whether they’re small additions or larger designs, models aren’t afraid to showcase theirs on the runway, photographic shoots or TV ads.

Any body art additions, let us know

With the growing popularity of the tat trend, models are appreciated for owning their look. Tattoos date back around 5000 years ago so there’s no chance of them going out of fashion or interest any time soon. (We couldn’t quite believe how far they date back either!). They’re permanent fashion statements and our agency can’t wait to see what you have inked. If you’re a model, with existing tats, your agency has probably requested to see yours – Models Direct are the same. Any new additions, agencies kindly ask that you supply an image to update your modelling portfolio for their benefit and for clients to see what your current look entails. We request the same – if you’re building your ePortfolio with us, please include all your amazing tattoos.