Female Model

Our dedicated pages to answering your frequently asked questions are here to help. Models Direct is focusing on female models and common questions that our expert team get asked often. Let’s deep dive into this right here:

Who is the best female model?

This is a tricky question! We don’t want to name specific icons and influencers, past or present, because we’re a fair agency and the last thing we want to do is leave our models, would-be and existing, feeling like they’ve been compared to an image that is not true to real life. We’ve never been inclined to do so and won’t ever point out models that are “the best.” Inspirational and diverse, yes, but not the best. We’re all pretty awesome in our own way, and this resonates with all the modelling divisions our agency covers, so what we will mention here are characteristics that makes a female model best at what they do and stand out.

• Confident and comfortable in themselves and around new people and situations

• Conducting themselves professionally

• Listening and following instructions diligently

• Being patient and understanding that assignments might not follow the scheduled plan

• Taking constructive feedback well

Who is a female model?

Anyone who defines themselves as female. Our agency is open, diverse, and looks to being inclusive by taking everyone’s individuality and uniqueness into consideration. We respect our models and value their opinions, thoughts, hopes, dreams and vision.

What are the four types of models?

Just four? There are a lot more types of models than just four, we gotta tell you! Modelling isn’t like how it used to be – it’s certainly evolved as time has gone on and continues to as the population changes. More types of models have come to fruition and the following (which Models Direct are specialised in) are examples:

Commercial modelling

Promotional modelling

Catalogue modelling

Baby modelling

Female modelling (we bet you were waiting to read this one!)

Male modelling

Family modelling

Mature modelling

Plus size modelling

Body parts modelling

Fit modelling

Fitness modelling

Petite modelling

The list is really quite something!

How tall is a female model?

The criteria changes from agency to agency, and from job to job but generally speaking 5’9” is the typical height of a female model. Having said that, our agency places no strict guidelines and restrictions on our models so if you’re a female newcomer, you can put your mind at ease and that measuring tool away.

Female model body

There are no body restrictions and expectations making our agency’s open-for-all pathway to modelling much more accessible. If you want to become a female body part model or a fit model (a model who tries on apparel for the benefit of measuring dress sizes), you could be a size zero going up to whatever size your body decides.

Girl models

Our female modelling division encompasses girl models too. Newborns, infants, children, tweens and teens! We have no age limit restriction either making female modelling an easy-to-reach career for all girl models.

Young female models

We have lots of young models who are female, taking us beyond the teenage years up to their 20s and 30s. (Not to say that anything beyond this is deemed as old but in the modelling industry, 40 and above is usually categorised as mature). If you want to join our young female modelling hub, you’ll just need to hit that submit application button.

Beautiful female models photos

Our online portfolio gives our female models the opportunity to display their beautiful model photos for clients to see. We embrace all our gorgeous models and they’re all beautiful, as are you, whomever may have stumbled upon this page or intentionally sought it out.

And there you have it, guys! Our FAQs answered right here, for you!