Getting Good Photos of Babies and Children

We have lots of amazing content discussing taking the best photos of our models. We want good snaps, and this time, babies and children are the focus of this latest blog from Models Direct. We’ll walk you through how best to get those unforgettable moments captured by none other than… yourself! And if you’re strapped for time, you can offer these tips when you’re handing the photo-snapping reigns to someone else! So without further ado, let’s get started.

When you’re looking to fill your little one’s portfolio up with their happy faces, you’re going to want images that clearly stand out. It can be a tough one getting this right but with a little practice, and applying the following tips, you’ll become a pro in next to no time!

Clean and clear lens

This sounds like an obvious point (and it is) but we thought we’d still add it in as this is an integral part of photography. You have to have a clean and clear lens before taking snaps particularly when you’re taking a pic of your little one. Smudgy finger marks or grainy residue is not an impressive look for a photo. Your baby or child’s image will be reviewed by not only our team but clients who might be interested in booking them for an assignment. So when you whip out your smartphone, give the lens a good old clean (perhaps with a lightly damp microfibre cloth) and start confidently snapping away.

Take pics on your child’s level

As adults, we tend to be a lot taller than our baby or child so our pics can sometimes be taken from a higher perspective. A great way to get your little one’s portfolio off its feet is to take snaps at their eye level. You might need to squat, crouch or lie down on your belly (basically move yourself according to the space available) so that the images can be grounded to your baby’s or child’s eye level. This gives a great line of perspective when you take the shots.

Want the best lighting? Go outdoors!

The natural light from outside is the greatest way of capturing the radiant essence and balance of light. So, there is no need for studio spotlights and glaring bulbs when the sun is the best light source. Have your bundle of joy enjoy its warmth and feel-good properties by capturing their images when the light is bright and ideally creates no casting shadows. Also, it’s a great excuse to get out and about.

Avoid filters, special FX and flashes

Anything that distracts your viewer and distorts the image taking their attention away from your mini-me (even if it’s for a millisecond) isn’t worth the risk. Therefore, avoid the suggestions in this point’s subtitle at all costs, please. Your aim is to capture authentic and professional-looking images without additional enhancements, texts and icons.

Light coloured background

Having a neutral and simple backdrop emphasises your young child’s camera presence – it makes them more prominent bringing them to the centre stage. If they’re newborns then opt for a light-coloured plain blanket unless they’re able to sit. Elevate them and get them noticed because they’re so many tiny models out there! Keep it simple and clear without minimal background distractions.

You want the best photos to get your little sweetie seen by clients who might be interested in booking a little gem for their advertising and marketing work. Use our simple and straightforward tips to get the best out of your camera and uplevel your child’s portfolio. For model reviews and feedback check out our testimonials or better still, watch our model’s Instagram reels to find out more.