Making your Pet e-P Winter friendly

Pets are an integral part of many households – and with good reason!

We’re a national of animal lovers, and our clients love them just as much as their owners. We place an animal’s welfare and comfort as a priority, which is reflected over decades in a multitude of successful pet assignments. In short, pets rule!

Models Direct Star Pet Pumpkin modelling for Mulberry

With autumn approaching, it’s time to focus on how pet owners can portray their lovable animals in all their wintery wonder. Clients (and us) must plan months ahead so, as much as we find it hard to let go of an impressive summer by UK standards, times move on and we concentrate on the changing seasons.

The obvious reason for owners to update their pet’s e-Profile is to appeal to clients looking for Christmas-friendly modelling talent. However, we’ve always encouraged models (human and animal!) to refresh their portfolios to portray the most accurate images. This is important because up-to-date photos are required so we may recommend models to our clients. What’s the point in putting forward looks that are outdated? Read more about the importance of updating portfolios

Pets’ looks can change, just like ours. Perhaps your dog has shorter hair in the summer, with a fuller coat protecting them in the winter? Maybe your cat sheds more hair during certain seasons, or looks more alert in the summer? All pets are different, of course, and that is one of the benefits of pet modelling: clients need to see a variety of pets for them to choose the ones that most suit their advertising needs.

Here are some tips to bear in mind when uploading your pet photos to their portfolio, ready for the winter.

Create seasonal pics

1. Use wintery landscapes if possible. If your loves pet the great outdoors, show them off in front of autumnal / wintery backdrops. Take out your camera whenever your dog is walking on snow-covered moors or frolicking about in rust-coloured leaves. Keep their head as the central part of the photo, but by all means show off what they can deliver in front of a camera.

2. Though you must never hide your pet’s focal features (eyes, nose etc), take stunning pictures with winter-themed accessories. For example, how about a cosy scarf around your pooch’s neck? Tinsel for your favourite cat? Winter coats / body warmers? The choice is yours!

3. For a Christmas themed pic, set your pet amongst empty cardboard boxes covered with festive wrapping paper. As long as you make your pet the star of the show, this will give our clients a good idea of how your pet could star in themed photo shoots. Here’s inspo – and proof that your pet could be famous!

4. Winter, and in particular Christmas, is all about families, so why not add a few clear photos of your pets as a collective group? Be aware that any portfolio snaps shouldn’t distract from what our clients may be looking for (shiny coats, alertness, temperament, character etc), and who knows – we could put forward more than one of your prized pets to our clients!

5. And finally…restaurants are already taking Christmas bookings (yes, really!), so don’t leave updating your pet’s portfolio to the last minute! Preparation is key!

To find out if your pet can feature in some our wonderful client’s modelling campaigns, simply complete the application form:

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