​​Fabulous 40 – the time to start thinking about a move into modelling

They say life begins at 40 – so why not think about trying something completely new?

Certainly, when people say 40 is the new 30 (or 20 even!) many of them aren’t completely joking.

After all, those in their 40s are more active, engaged and determined to make the most of their lives then perhaps they have ever been before.

Time was that women in particular started slowing down a little in their 40s.

Many would become grandmothers and, with their own children having flown the nest, they might well have taken up fairly sedentary hobbies.

Well, today that could not be further from the truth!

Not only are women having babies much later in life – quite often well into their 40s – but furthermore, they are having to work longer, their children are staying home longer, and many are much more aware of keeping fit and staying healthy.

Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon are all famous faces who are now in their 40s – and, while they certainly have the money to spend on health and beauty, they look just as good and seem to have just as much energy as they ever did.

And, chaps, what about Ryan Reynolds, Orlando Bloom and Idris Elba? Idris has just a few months before he hits the big 50!

Your 40s can be fabulous and you should embrace them with gusto – and that can mean all kinds of exciting new beginnings.

Yes, many men and women in their 40s are likely to still be busy with their family and jobs, but that is no reason not to bring a certain something else in their lives.

Your 40s can be a decade in which you start to focus more on getting fit, eating better and perhaps stretching your mind and challenging yourself with new pastimes.

And it is certainly a time when a few more pounds in your pocket can make a significant difference.

The beauty of modelling is that you don’t have to have the appearance of an A List actor to give it a go.

Of course, at Models Direct we are interested in working with people who have strong or striking looks, but we also want models who look like the rest of us.

The retail industry is desperate to be able to appeal to the very people who will be buying its products and those are, of course, largely everyday members of the public. They want to tempt holidaymakers and car owners, and people who use phones, beauty products and DIY items to purchase whatever they are selling.

They want to spark the interest of parents, grandparents, students, professionals, key workers, homeowners and those in rented accommodation.

They need to appeal to all of us to buy our essentials from them – our clothes, our food, our cleaning products and our utilities.

And they want all of us to shop from them rather than their competitors.

Women and men in their 40s fall into many of these groups and so there is huge potential for those within that age range to win assignments within the modelling industry.

Anyone of that age who works within the field is considered a mature model – and certainly there are also lots of opportunities for those in the 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

There is often a shortage of applicants within all the age ranges from 40 upwards as many people just do not consider themselves suitable for mature modelling.

But why ever not?

Modelling can fit in around other jobs and activities; it can give you the chance to meet new people, learn about a different industry and earn some extra money.

And, above all, it can be fun!

So, read about the experiences of our other mature models and contact us if you think you might be interested.