Christmas presents

It’s difficult to remember every single important day, isn’t it? You wipe your brow in relief for remembering an aunt’s birthday, then before long it’s your brother’s birthday, followed by your parent’s anniversary, followed by…well, you get the idea.

But if there’s one day that even the most sincere excuse just won’t wash, it’s Christmas Day. It’s not as if it’s a surprise!
We know models are creative individuals, ready to jump at an inspirational opportunity at the drop of a hat. But sometimes the run-up to Christmas can seem so overbearing that the occasional memory lapses can be forgiven. Christmas just seems to creep up, doesn’t it? Perhaps every year you promise yourself you’ll be ultra organised and buy all your presents weeks in advance. Easy, huh? Wrong! Prevarication is a normal human instinct, and we’re all guilty of it.

So, to get you in the mood and to jump-start the festive clogs, the team here at MD think it’d be wise to provide some tips so our readers aren’t fighting the frantic shopping queues before the big day.

1. Get into the spirit. No, we’re not suggesting you reach for the nearest bottle of gin! No, it’s easier to accomplish anything if your mindset is right. Even if you wince at the thought of Christmas, you’ll probably be required to buy presents at some stage, so put on a happy face and shopping won’t seem like the tedious chore you deem it to be. Really – this tip works!

2. Surf. Shopping online isn’t anything new, but a lot of shoppers stick to just a handful of retailers. Perhaps it’s easier if their details have been saved previously, or maybe some customers simply trust the retailer for their service and value for money. Either way, it pays to keep all options open, so surf the web for the best deals, and add favoured websites to your bookmark list for future reference.

3. Hit the high street early. Sure, you may not find the best deals early doors, but your smug smile in early December will speak volumes when the rest of your friends haven’t even thought about present shopping. You’ll have plenty of time with your feet up knowing you’ve done the hard work before anyone else. Surely that deserves a pat on the back?

4. DIY. Still not in the mood for shopping? No problem! Put your artistic hat on and create some presents with your own fair hands! If you’re a dab hand at woodwork, you can create a range of kitchen utensils or picture frames. Not good with a hammer and chisel? Why not learn how to make your own candles or how to knit, so you can personalise a range of clothing?

5. Keep your ears open! Simply overhearing a family member or friend mention in passing that they have a new interest can open up more ideas for presents. And if you buy someone a gift that you know will be useful or desirable, at least they won’t ask for the receipt!

6. If you’re really stuck, you could play it safe and purchase film or music subscriptions. Perhaps it’s not so imaginative, but the receiver will use it for months after Christmas. It’s the ultimate gift that keeps on giving!

Christmas, eh? We’ve got it all wrapped up! You can start groaning…now!