Our models prove they are a cut above the rest – at a shoot for Wilkinson Sword in Cardiff

Man, oh man, our male models are as sharp as they come!

Especially when working for one of the UK’s leading men’s personal care products.

Yes, Models Direct was asked to supply three male models for a shoot where men were asked to try out some of Wilkinson Sword’s cutting-edge products.

As usual, our well-known client contacted us with a list of requirements for the models they needed for the assignment and we searched through our e-portfolios to find matches.

A selection of male models was then given to the client who, as always, made the final choice as to who they wanted.

Our terrific trio, Tom, Baris and Nico, were all chosen and then given all the details they required about the shoot in Cardiff.

They were told more about the job, where it was, how long it would take and how much they would be paid.

And, again as always, they were then given the choice of whether or not to accept.

Our professional team members kept them informed right up to the day of the assignment and then ensured they were paid promptly afterwards.

And all our chaps really enjoyed the whole experience – they got to do something completely different, meet other models and crew members, and earn a little extra income.

Afterwards, they told us what they thought of the shoot, which took place in a Cardiff studio.

Baris said: “It was a really positive experience. 

“Everyone on set and behind the scenes was really polite and they made me feel comfortable, despite this being my first shoot.”

It was also Tom’s first experience of modelling. He reported back:

“Models Direct has been so helpful and supportive! 

“They made my first shoot so easy. I had a great time at the studio with all the friendly people.”

And as for Nico, well, trying something different really was a dream come true! 

He said:

“It was a fun day working with some lovely chaps from Wilkinson Sword, laughing as we shaved kiwis with their new razors!

“Thanks for this fun experience! I am so happy to finally achieve my dream of being paid to shave my chest!”

Would you like to have the opportunity to be put forward for modelling work in Cardiff and the surrounding area? 
If so, fill in our form, send us a photo and one of our professional team members will contact you to explain more about how Models Direct works.