Happy New Year 2022!

Well, we’ve finally made it!


Another year has sped by, no doubt with spectacular successes, personal highs, and the odd glitch. But that’s life. As the saying goes, it’s not all beer and skittles (although some models out there wish they’d have assignments involving beer and skittles…maybe this can be realised in the New Year!)

We’ve learned a few things living with Covid. For starters, the journey has been – for some – a test of patience. Liberties were cut short. There were activities that were banned. Luckily, modelling was one of the few industries that was largely unaffected. But the Covid journey has been a slippery one for many. The trick was – and still is – to give yourself and others the best chance of enjoying a fulfilled life without serious mishap. We may be through the worst of this terrible virus – who can say? But this prevalent uncertainty shouldn’t hinder any plans for positivity. In reality, we should be more optimistic than ever…

Anyone can change their mindset at any time of the year, but when is the best time to set your goals and achieve them? The best time is when you’re ready! But, to be honest, the New Year is usually the time when people all around the world look to change aspects in their lifestyle, be it in their physical health or lifetime ambitions.

Perhaps the most common obstacle in achieving goals is a lack of motivation. It’s all too easy to put off objectives, and we certainly won’t blame anyone for having good intentions, only to let another month slip by without carrying them out. 

But why be content with merely having intentions? Wouldn’t it be better to have them, and then to sit back in satisfaction when they’ve been realised? Once the first goal is completed, it could open the flood gates as you recognise that other intentions can be easily overcome with a dab of dedication here, and a dose of determination there.

And this is precisely how you should perceive 2022: after months of frustration and niggly challenges, this New Year should really stand out as an exceptional one. There won’t be many New Years as eagerly anticipated as this one, so launch yourself into it with a bucketful of enthusiasm and a list of realistic goals.   

Everyone should give themselves a pat on the back for making it this far. Without coming across as too theatrical, it’s an achievement in itself to start planning ahead and looking forward to 2022. After all, the trials and tribulations have put a spanner in the works for a few unlucky souls, so count your blessings and make 2022 a year to embrace, conquer and, ultimately, celebrate.

Here at Models Direct HQ, we have reflected on our successes, and how we’ve overcome challenges. We look forward to increasing our workload in the New Year, helping more models realise their goals. Our client list is as extensive as it’s ever been, so there’s no reason why 2022 shouldn’t be the year we can all grow stronger.

Modelling agencies continue to be the best (some would say “only”) way for models to work with the most renowned clients in the country. Our client list is vast, and our booking team are chomping at the bit to make 2022 a stand-out year.

Continue operating in a safe environment, keep your goals rational, strive to accomplish them, and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Happy New Year everyone!