Modelling Assignment Highlights of 2021

We haven’t seen anything like the year we’ve had so far, have we? Well, it’s been a turbulent one, to say the least, but there have been plenty of silver linings amongst the storm

We’ve become immersed in remote working and learning (and have a knack for it now!), persevered with recreational activities whether that’s indoors or outdoors, and built communication within our community like never before.

Our modelling agency, Models Direct, has intuitively evolved during the pandemic making the best out of the unpredictable situation. Our team quickly put our heads together, brainstormed and worked mighty hard to ensure our models would be put forward for assignments despite the challenges, and continued seeing new modelling applications. 

We were lucky and are very grateful – we still had work coming through. The nature of the assignments had adjusted harmoniously to the way our world was changing but we knew how important it was that we maintain client relationships and reassure our models that we were here working hard behind the scenes as always. 

Overall, bridging the gap between COVID and our modelling work has been a successful transition and we wanted to share some of our stories with you for some inspiration and sparkle. Our campaigns have also helped revive industries that were hit by the virus so it was an uplifting experience being hands-on and proactively helping businesses pull through tough times. From pet modelling through to family modelling, we’ve journeyed through this year with some interesting assignments.  

So, sit back, grab a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy some of our fantastic 2021 highlights. 

Travelling with TfL

This year, our models have brought the world’s famous transport network – TfL – marketing campaign to life. Our three adult models experienced a refreshing photoshoot under the warm sun and adhered to social distancing measures to keep themselves and everyone around them safe. 

Dining with Greene King

Next up, our models shared some good times over a pint at Greene King for a commercial modelling campaign. All four of our selected models hit the ground running and went above and beyond, helping to push the brand’s name by displaying exemplary modelling skills. 

Eating out at Morrisons

The Semedos unlocked the spirit of family modelling, marking the end of the lockdown restrictions in York’s Morrisons branch earlier this year. The family models demonstrated a snapshot of what life would look like after the lift and how people can finally enjoy their time dining inside restaurants and cafes. It was a superb assignment, a definite highlight of this year. 

Starting out with Start-Rite Shoes

Stepping in the right direction were our child models, Cash and Albie who spearheaded the Start-Rite Shoes campaign set during the restrictions. They landed and stepped into the job perfectly. You can catch their story here.

Working smart with Smartdeskers 

Smartdeskers also needed models for their campaign and found ours to be the right choice for their advertising purposes geared towards smart working solutions to increase productivity in the workplace. This was a unique and current project fitting for the current working climate which our models thoroughly enjoyed. 

Fashion with Dewhirst

Our male models took part in a photoshoot for Dewhirst – a reputable clothing supplier. The location selected was Camden where they had a good time and earned extra cash for their expertise and skills. 

Coco & Eve beauty care

Finally, to round off our projects this year, Coco & Eve had our pet stars, Sparky and Delilah, marketing the beauty care company’s total love for 100% vegan and cruelty-free products. If you get the chance to see the images, check them out here

If you’re in the mood for more reading then head on over to our positive appraisals section made directly by our talented models to gain an insight into their world which they were happy to share..perhaps you’d like to join us for 2022??

feature pic of male model Jay shooting for lovethesales