Three reasons to start modelling with your family

It is not unusual to experience a whole host of emotions when you first start modelling, from excitement and anticipation through to some nervousness and apprehension.

As you settle into the work and become more used to it, however, these feelings will almost certainly diminish, taking assignments will seem more normal and yet also remain fun and rewarding.

Modelling with your family is a very different experience to modelling alone and can give rise to its own challenges.

Parents can feel the weight of responsibility for their offspring throughout the booking and teenagers might feel unsure at times as to whether they want to work alongside their parents.

Agencies such as Models Direct, however, have so many positive stories to tell when it comes to family members undertaking modelling work together.

You can read some of the reviews from our ‘Model Families’ who have recently secured work – click here

And here are three reasons very good reasons why working together could work well for you and your nearest and dearest:

  1. You get to spend quality time together

It is something of a cliché, but the reality of the modern world is that days and weeks can whiz by with family members barely spending five minutes in each other’s company. Parents can be tied to long working hours and household chores, while their youngsters may well spend the time they are not at school or college, studying, taking part in leisure activities or socialising with their friends. Then, of course, there’s all the time we all find ourselves spending on our screens….Becoming models will involve you all doing something fun together and could be just the family time you all need.

  1. You will see each other in different roles

It is very easy for us to see our family members in one light only, because that is all we have ever known. Family modelling will give you all the chance to do something different and new, and perhaps get to know each other in different ways. You might see qualities emerge you didn’t know your brother, sister, mum or dad had – and you might increase the respect you have for each other when you see how well everyone takes to the modelling work.

  1. You could earn money for family treats

Many of the families who take on modelling assignments together really benefit from the boost in their income. Some choose to save it for special days out or to put it towards holidays and other family treats. Even when it goes into the family pot towards general living expenses, it can often make a difference, allowing you that extra takeaway, perhaps, or that pair of trainers or headphones your son or daughter has had their eye on.

Get in touch with our team today to see if you and your family have modelling potential – Good Luck!