When Should I Update My Pictures?

Take a 2023 reset with a fresh portfolio rocking your current look and style

Portfolios are a tremendous asset that, as a model, you have worked alongside you, illuminating your career. They showcase your evolving looks, styles, poses and character for the benefit of modelling agencies and clients so that you get noticed, and noticed fast! With our modelling agency, Models Direct, we offer all our models, from newborns through to senior models, their dedicated ePortfolio. This is known as an electronic version of the traditional portfolio which is accessible online where they update them in real-time, and check in on any interest they may have received.

If you’re a model reading this page, perfect, and if you know someone in the industry – be it your babe in arms or a senior model – then tell them all about this blog. Let’s get into this!

Image turnaround is important

Male model showreel

The frequency of updating images is a very important factor when it comes to building up your personalised catalogue because keeping content fresh and interesting is paramount.
So, the question naturally gravitates towards, “when should I update my pics?”
If you’ve got a little one who loves to smile in front of the camera or is content around new faces and soaks in different sights and sounds, then their photos need to be switched up every three to six months. This interval is an ideal and acceptable time frame since babies and toddlers grow up very fast! Anyone older, including all you adults out there, a good ballpark figure is six months.

Documenting changes even the small ones

Let’s face it – adults can change quickly too! Think glasses, haircuts, hairstyles and colouring, dental treatment, teeth whitening, braces, piercings, and tattoos. There can be a host of changes that can happen over the course of time which need to be documented so that you have an up-to-date profile available for clients to see and learn what you’re currently emanating.

Display diverse images

It’s really important to have a good variety of images that show off your skills and talent as a model. A good portfolio will have good-quality images that are beautifully lit and composed well with interesting backdrops. Don’t be afraid to express your individuality and creativity but ensure you’re the centre of attention rather than the imagery around you.

Update roundup

Models Direct regularly mentions this area of interest because it’s very important. Most models have other commitments outside of modelling so you’re having to juggle various professions. It’s understandable to perhaps forget or delay adding images which is why we emphasise it but gently remind you to keep going. Ultimately, the more sound images you build your ePortfolio with, the more any potential client has to work with and see what you can exude. So, this 2023, have a reset and refresh your collection of images with your current style and look. After all, you don’t want any clients to miss out on having you on their campaign, would you?

Models Direct are here for you so feel free to reach out, we’ll be happy to connect and help answer any of your burning questions or offer modelling advice.