What is a Model Call?

If you’re thinking the answer to the question might be: a) a phone call that a model receives from an agency or client, or b) a model is being called in for a booking, then you’re slightly off track unfortunately. Not to worry though, this is why Models Direct has created this blog to give you the lowdown on what a model call means.

A photographer’s perspective

A model call is when a photographer, be they a newcomer or they already have their foot in the door, advertises a free session for a model to help build and solidify their personalised portfolio, following a particular theme.

Like models, a photographer’s portfolio plays an integral role in their world which they can showcase to potential clients. After all, their work will need to be viewed, admired, quizzed and forecasted to see whether their shooting experience and skills match a client’s requirements for their marketing campaign.
A means of building up their portfolio into a wholesome display of their skillset and photographic craft would be to launch a detailed advert requesting a model and explaining what they need for their photoshoot. They will have a business mindset in place to help this process be productive and worthwhile for launching their work with the vision of landing paid work.

However, sometimes a model call may not sound like this. A common hiccup that some photographers have faced is that their free session has meant that models have assumed that the images would be for their own model portfolio rather than the photographer’s. Some models have approached a model call hoping to lead the session and boost professional images, rather than understanding that the material is for the photographer’s purpose following a specific genre.

Setting an expectation

To boost the productivity of a model call’s outcome, photographers will set expectations and make it crystal clear what they want rather than what a model wants to get out of the free session. This means the logistics like location, time, and duration will be outlined in the description.

Type of model

Photographers will state what type of model they want – hopefully, it’ll be a detailed description, leaving no room for unambiguity to not waste anyone’s time. If an ad is found to be unclear such as “all family models needed,” then touch base to confirm exactly what they’re looking for.

Themes and genres of the photographs

An ideal model call will clearly explain what the photographer’s vision is for their photoshoot. This usually follows a theme or genre that the photographer wants to showcase with the ideal candidate that can convey their message.

Model requirements

Photographers will state what is required from a model or family models for the photoshoot. Criteria for hair, makeup and apparel will all be stated so preparations are made adequately.

What’s in it for the model?

Will a model receive a complimentary gallery? A certain number of images? Photographers will communicate this in the model call as it will be an incentive to go ahead and help them out.
As a round-up, a model call is a model’s job application rather than just a free offer for a photoshoot conducted by beginner photographers and those who are already knee dip into the industry.

Now you know what it means, why not keep your eyes peeled for the next model call you see and explore whether it’s something you’d like to try your hand at?