Adapt Your Wardrobe

Whether you are short of a bob or two, stuck inside or simply keen to get creative, consider revamping your wardrobe with a few home touches.

Those in clothing modelling, will always have an interest in fashion, and now might be just the right time to be coming up with a few designs of their own.

Teen models and those in child modelling might also like to turn their hands to something enjoyable and engaging – so why not let them get stuck in too?

Male models, plus size models and curvy models could also join in the fun and end up with some completely new looks ready for when they next step outside.

*Start by Sorting Out

Go through your wardrobes, drawers and shelves and pull out anything you are fed up with, haven’t worn for ages or doesn’t quite fit anymore.

Sort them into piles of different types of clothing, accessories and shoes.

*Consider Colour

Think about whether there’s anything here that you like but would just prefer to have in a different colour.

Order some washing machine fabric dye then follow the instructions to create clothing in a different shade. 

Try experimenting with tie-dying to create different patterns and effects – these can be achieved with elastic bands and crumpling and folding techniques.

You could even try dyeing light coloured fabric shoes in the machine or investing in a leather dye and experimenting in changing shades by hand.

*Cut and Hem

There is a whole world of fun to be had by getting the scissors out and trimming your old clothes down.

Cut jeans into shorts and long trousers into three-quarter lengths; give long sleeved tops short sleeves or make them into vests.

Keep some edges frayed for effect or grab your needle and thread to create stitched hems. 

Cut open clothing that has become too tight and add in some funky panels; use the fabric in items that are too large to stitch into other pieces.

You will be amazed how all these touches can give an old outfit a whole new lease of life.

*Think Differently

Finally, just dedicate some time to mixing and matching. Think about which items of clothing and accessories might be teamed up differently for striking effect.

Spend an afternoon layering your various items and trying them on with different and unexpected accessories or shoes.

Make one room into a catwalk area and take turns at appearing before members of your family in a completely new combination then ask them for their opinions.

Urge the children and teenagers in the household to do the same then encourage them by commending them on the results.

Adapting your wardrobe could give you all hours of fun – and, you never know, you might even end up with some new, and completely unique, ensembles to enjoy.