Freshen Up with Lilac: The Colour Trend of Spring 2020

Trends are always being set and dominate a season.

Whether it’s a hairstyle, nail design or clothing item, you can be sure that there is always something new in store for fashion lovers.

Sometimes trends are revisited ones from the past which have been fast-forwarded to today but with a modern twist, or an entirely new concept that wows enthusiasts who want to be ahead of the game – such as the recent boom in neon hair dye trends sported by celebs like Billie Eilish.

The natural hue

Models Direct are always on the lookout for what’s new and happening on the fashion front and this season we’ve found a colour that has been running through a lot of fashion items – lilac. You might be wondering what this natural hue will go with, but it’s pretty set to team up with a lot more than you’d think. Denim and other festive Spring colours (like pastel blue and light yellow) are sure-fire winners when being added with lilac.

So, get fishing through your wardrobe and have a look for any lilac themed items that you can sport and keep up with the spring trend. In case you haven’t – as it’s understandably difficult to have every colour there is out there as a piece of apparel – have a look at some of our colour suggestions which we not only think look fab but are also easy to achieve, versatile and practical. (You can buy these products online too). Let’s go!

Lilac those nails 

If you have the colour, jazz up your indoor style with some lilac coloured nails! Get into the Spring festivities and treat your nails whilst also being on-trend.

Dye in some funky lilac strands 

Give your hair another look by adding in some lilac strands to funk up your look and boost some feel-good vibes when in self-isolation.

Get your white t-shirts ready

With all the DIY hacks out there, we thought we’d mention the one that the Beckham’s recently tried out in their garden whilst staying indoors – tie-dye your t-shirt (with a splash of lilac, of course). If you have a tie-dye kit, get your creative juices flowing!

Grab a white t-shirt, place face up on a rack which has wide gaps between its bars.

Place your fingers in the centre of the t-shirt and twist it around so that it forms a crumpled ball – this doesn’t have to be neat, mind you.

Use rubber bands to secure it in place.

With protective gloves, apply the dye on the t-shirt in whatever way you like.

Apply the dye to both sides of the t-shirt.

Wrap the t-shirt with cling film and leave for around 6 hours (unless instructions say otherwise).

Wash the colour out until the water runs clear.

Next, give it a whirl in the washing machine and then leave to dry.

Voila! Your tie-dye t-shirt sporting this spring’s hue is now ready to wear.

Give these tips a shot when you get the chance and bring lilac into your #StayHome indoor style.