Spring Colours and Fashion Trends

SS24 is set to be an interesting start to the new year’s hues and trending fashion. Our team thoroughly enjoys keeping a close eye on what’s moving forward and creating waves. Let’s have a look at what colours and trends Models Direct has seen forecasting for 2024.

Who’s in the hot seat? Pantone is!

Every season we see hues set to sweep across the runways of LFW, throughout the world’s catwalks, fashion, and through to our local aisles. Not to forget home furnishings, product designs and packaging, and within the industrial design sector thanks to Pantone’s Colour of the Year. The company has been specialising in selecting a colour that is unique to all others for the past 23 years so when they announce it, it’s hard not to be at the edge of our seats, waiting for it to be unveiled.

You might have heard about their world-class pioneering colour-matching system which is an encyclopaedia of colours matched with numbers to help designers choose colours and maintain accuracy throughout their design process. This has been used in the make-up, paint, printing, and graphic design industry along with many others.

What colour palettes did we see popping up? Let’s take a look!

Pantone 17-1564 ‘Fiesta’

Pantone 16-1257 ‘Sun Orange’

Pantone 12-0530 ‘Charlock’

Pantone 14-0952 ‘Spicy Mustard’

Pantone 19-5408 ‘Bistro Green’

Pantone 16-4427 ‘Horizon Blue’

Pantone 18-4051 ‘Strong Blue’

Pantone 18-1433 ‘Chutney’

Pantone 15-1905 ‘Burnished Lilac’

Pantone 15-0326 ‘Tarragon’

Gorgeous, vibrant colours are making an appearance, ready to put a spring in our steps!

As for fashion trends, these statement pieces, patterns and fabrics are what we’ve found for the new season.

Capri pants

For some reason, capri pants remind us of our B*Witched days! Ah, those denim outfits were awesome, not to forget the great pop songs, and enthusiastic choreography, of course. Now, it’s not so much the denim but definitely the capri pants, leggings and trousers that are going to be making a hit in the fashion world. This trouser style has been seen teamed up with a trending footwear style – the open-toe sandal. If you’re hunting for what to wear next in your spring-ready ePortfolio, then these two items might be it!

Polka dots

Who doesn’t love a bit of spotty fun? Polka dots are back and we’ve seen them on blouses, skirts and dresses along the catwalk. They can make an outfit look formal or take a casual approach. We love polka dots!

Colourful leather

A clever way of teaming sustainability with fashion is using fabrics that will stand the test of time. One fabric is leather, and looking ahead of SS24, it’s taking on a whole different look. We’re talking about colourful leather pieces such as blazers, trousers and skirts which have been seen on models. These statement pieces have been tapered and celebrated in one colour, ready to land in your wardrobe and featured in your ePortfolio.


When you think of lace, you might retrace the past with it being frilly, delicate and old-fashioned fabric. 2024 is set to bring lace back to another level. By this we mean, sophisticated, intricate designs and styles of lace have been incorporated mainly into dress designs and they’ve been beautiful to look at!

The 2024 colour and trend roundup

Models Direct is looking forward to seeing all these amazing colours and trends illuminate the fashion world in 2024. It’s forecasted to look like a happy, colourful year with some funky fashion that’ll suit everyone’s taste.