Baby models

Babies encapsulate the essence of endearing images in advertising. Whether featured on TV, starring in social media ads or depicted in more traditional photographic prints, we all have a soft spot for cute, happy infants.

Baby models are just as indispensable as chid models in that that they fulfil a particular role, and their value in a range of commercial assignments is pretty much limitless. As our population grows, so does the significance of modelling babies, with brands looking to raise awareness and appeal to a greater customer base by booking camera-friendly infants.

Hundreds of parents (or is that thousands? Sorry, we don’t have a precise figure!) have already registered with us on behalf of their “bundles of joy”, and there’s absolutely no reason why your adorable baby can’t be endorsed by us and be put forward to our clients in 2023. Why? Because we have the largest client list in the UK, and the multitude of clients we’ve worked with have been vetted. Indeed, most clients are well-known in the UK, and they have internal (or freelance) photographers and advertising experts who are a dab hand at working with models of all ages. It’s a win-win process all round, and we’re looking for yet more babies who could sparkle on set and bring home a much-deserved pay cheque at the end of their day.

What do parents need to know before applying with us? We’ve assembled four of the key questions we get asked by parents, so now would be a perfect time to answer them, right? And if you still need some extra info, we’re just at the end of the phone!

How much do baby models get?
That depends on what parents do with the modelling fee! Fees are dependent on the clients’ budget, but we can give parents accurate fees on some of our modelling babies, including:
• Twins posing with Eastenders actors on TV magazine front covers: £178.
• Baby girls starring in BBC’s hit show Mistresses: £150 – 598 (five million viewers tuned in for this one!)
• Baby Theo starring in a still shot and filming for Pampers: £300.
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How do I get into baby modelling?
Our clients make us their first port of call when looking for baby models. The easiest (and most effective) way of a baby being asked to participate in modelling is by registering with a government-approved modelling agency (us!)
Here’s the all-important application link

Do you have to pay for your baby to be a model?
No, not for every modelling assignment your baby is put forward for, or even if our client chooses the little star. There is a small fee to appear in our work seeking publication, but first we need to see if your baby is right for the agency.

How old does a baby have to be?
Are you too old to be a model? No. Are you too young to be one? Er…no, again. Baby models are between 0 – 2 years of age (3 years and upwards to 12 are classed as “child models”).

Additionally, our clients need models of all ages – and backgrounds, genders etc – so it’s worth parents themselves thinking about modelling. Oh, and one more thing – family modelling is massive, so why not contemplate working with your children? Now, that’d be something, wouldn’t it?