Mature models

Our mature models have already gained top marks at the “university of life”, and many of them simply want to dip into something new. That’s where modelling comes into its own, giving our mature talent the flexibility to discover fresh experiences around the UK and overseas.

Modelling can suit just about anybody, from toddlers to octogenarians. Perhaps it suits a greater percentage of our mature models than others from different ages groups; some are retired and therefore simply have more free time to engage in worthwhile pursuits. Whatever the reason, mature modelling is here to stay, and the demand for them is at a peak. Our well-known clients constantly ask us to put forward the best mature models to assist them getting their advertising point across to a wider audience.

If you’ve reached the age where you think you you’ve “been there and done that”, then maybe modelling will make you think differently! All our mature models enjoy hearing from our booking team with exciting new modelling job offers, and it gives them the chance to break up a usual routine, together with the opportunity for travel…not to mention receiving some “reddies” in the process! YOU could be the next new mature model getting ready to star in front of the camera and earning some cash – which might include the King Charles III banknotes if you’re on our books in mid-2024!

So, what are some of the essential facts mature models need to know? Read on…

Can you still model at 40 years old?
Sorry, can you repeat the question?! STILL model at 40? Naturally you can! We have hundreds of models that have STARTED OUT in their forties! It’s one of the best part-time jobs around, and we’re not just referring to the fantastic pay cheques at the end of each assignment; friendship, convenience, and rubbing shoulders with industry professionals is par for the course in commercial modelling! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

What age is considered a mature model?
We class a “mature model” to be over 40 years of age. We don’t really put a maximum age limit on the term, because the demand for much older models depends on our client’s campaign. It goes without saying, though, that if a 40 year-old model is classed as “mature”, a 78 year-old one is also “mature”, though no less essential. And that applies for women and men, of any location, gender, sexual orientation and cultural background.

Is there a market for them?
You bet! Just think of all the TV adverts, magazine photo shoots, and any other commercial / non commercial campaigns that require mature models. There are plenty about, and most of them need mature models like you! So that’s a clear-cut “yes” to that question!

How can I become a model at over 50?
Like any model, mature models need a decent agency with the experience to show off their looks to the right people – that’s the companies and brands paying for their skills (our clients). Therefore, the easiest and best way is to trust the UK’s no.1 modelling agency and register your interest here:

You’ll be joining a successful family of mature models with the people skills, talent and enthusiasm to achieve your modelling goals – and we’ll be with you every step of the way!