Trimming down

There are numerous jobs for models of all shapes, sizes and ages (not to mention species!). The beauty of the modelling industry is that different jobs require different models so, with a little persistence, everyone’s a winner.

That said, many people would like to shed a few pounds. The reasons for losing weight vary, but it’s usually for health reasons. For others, it could purely be down to vanity. Whatever your motive, supplements can help your goal of losing weight – for this blog, we’ll use the term “fat burners” as the weight-loss / fat burning supplements and won’t refer to any brands. 

The information given by Models Direct is thoroughly researched, although you should always consult both the instructions on supplement packaging and your doctor or GP before taking them.     

Even if you haven’t heard of fat burners, there are many brands on the market, and some are even targeted to specific countries. Strange, but true. There is no “miracle pill” and some fat burners are more effective than others, but some fat burners are indeed capable of producing impressive results. Before we discuss some key ingredients in fat burners, remember this: most fat burners only produce results when coupled with exercise and eating a sensible diet. Popping a few pills a day for five weeks whilst lounging on the sofa is not the way to go.  

The basic idea of fat burners is the following equation: faster metabolism = less fat storage. A lot of the ingredients in fat burner supplements therefore boosts your metabolic rate. Some other ingredients increase energy levels, and other suppress the appetite. It’s this combination of more energy and faster metabolism (coupled with a mild appetite suppressor) that contributes to your body shedding surplus fat. As mentioned before – you need to exercise whilst using fat burners, although effective fat burners will increase metabolism even when you’re resting (e.g. sleeping).  

Most fat burners are in pill / tablet form, and depending on the brand, need to be taken up to four times a day, usually when you wake up, another in the morning, one in mid-afternoon, and the last one in early evening. This generates a steady efficiency throughout the day. Let’s take a look at three key ingredients common with fat burners. 

Caffeine. This stimulates the nervous system, increases focus and concentration, and reduces fatigue. 

Appetite suppressors (e.g. cayenne pepper, glucomannan). These are natural ingredients that help the stomach to feel “full” for longer, and they also deter unhealthy snacking.

Green tea. This is excellent at breaking down stored energy, and stimulates the release of norepinephrine, which itself is a potent thermogenic. 

There is plenty of scientific research to back up the benefits of fat burners, and a lot do work, given time. If you stick to a sensible diet and exercise frequently, fat burners are a great addition to your goal of losing fat. Don’t expect results overnight, though. Typically, you’ll see results in 4-6 weeks.    

A lot of fat burners are suitable only for over 18s – check with the specific brand. This is not because of any dangerous or illegal ingredients; it’s generally because of the fairly high caffeine content (and this is why taking a fat burner too close to bedtime is not a good idea). Some pills are encased with gelatin, so may be unsuitable for vegetarians. 

Next time you think about heading to the gym to trim down your unwanted body fat levels, think about fat burners. With a little dedication and patience, you’ll soon see the results.