What statistics are required to be a commercial male model?

Matt walks along the high street and he’s approached by an old friend named Steve.

No, it’s not the start of a joke. Steve asks about his chum’s lifestyle and general wellbeing: marriage, work, interests…that type of thing. What he wasn’t expecting is Matt’s part-time job revelation. Well, where did that come from?

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You guessed it…Matt’s a commercial model, earning some valuable money aside from his “proper” occupation. Steve can’t hide his slight feeling of jealousy, as he himself had always wanted to star in front of the camera as a model, but never knew how to break into the industry. He then regards Matt and weighs up the differences between himself and him…which amounts to not a lot!

The difference between Matt and Steve is mainly a lack of insight into the commercial modelling world. Both friends wanted the same thing, yet Matt is living the dream as a male commercial model, and Steve is left bewildered.

The message should be loud and clear: male modelling is for every man. Men like you!

As an agency, we’ve been at the highest level of commercial modelling for decades. It’s one of several reasons why males of all backgrounds and locations have been signing up with us to give themselves the very best chance of securing the best modelling jobs around. It’s our job to get our models seen by our clients; without an agency, getting noticed can be as near as impossible. Companies simply don’t have enough time to respond to newcomers, so a quick call to us with their modelling requirements is all it takes for us to recommend the models they’ll select.   

Males need to know how commercial modelling differs from fashion modelling.

Fashion models display to the public a particular fashion or trend. This is usually clothes modelling, and they normally work with consumer brands, photographers and fashion designers. They might appear on catwalks and in glossy brochures. They promote fashion to generate interest from the public.  

So how do they differ from commercial models? (You can stop scratching your manly heads now, because we’ll tell you). 

Commercial models cater for a much wide-ranging audience, and they can be any age, gender, ethnicity or weight. In fact, the greater diversity, the better. Mature male models? Yep. Fuller-figured chaps? Check. Most commercial models show off their talent in front of the camera, so there isn’t any posturing along a catwalk. Our clients have a need for “ordinary” people, and Matt knew this – that’s why he’s getting put forward for modelling assignments, whilst Steve is temporarily left behind (but not for too long, as he’s going to sign up to a reliable agency!)

Males like Steve need to know more key points about us before embarking on the fun-filled ride. Allow us to guide the non-initiated:

1. We’re regulated by the government as an industry.

2. We give advice on how to avoid scams (yes, there are still some out there, unfortunately!)

3. We are not an employment business – we’re an employment agency, which means we promote models on our books to all our wonderful clients. Simply, we help talented models find work. We have the contacts models need!

4. We’re not a local agency – we cast our nets far and wide, working with clients all around the world. Oh, and we negotiate the very best fees on offer!

There are no specific statistics required by our male models. They don’t even need to have had previous experience! All males need is ambition and initiative to succeed.

Whatever your age, shape, look or background, don’t be a Steve. Our clients are always on the hunt for male models, and you could be our very next one!  

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