The colours of autumn – capture them in your modelling shoots

Autumn is upon us – and with it have come some of the most glorious colours of the year.

You don’t have to be out in the countryside to enjoy the beautiful burnt oranges, rich earthy browns and eye-catching golden yellows on all the trees, shrubs and smaller plants.

Wander down tree-lined city avenues and spend time in parks too to lose yourself for a while in the magical scenes that nature is currently creating.

But why not do even more than that?

Why not use some of this fabulous scenery as your own personal backdrop for your modelling shots?

Models should be updating their e-portfolios regularly – and what better time to do this than with the seasons?

Wonderful Autumn light

At Models Direct, we always suggest our models – or their parents, if they are child models

set reminders on their calendars to update their e-portfolios.

This is essential for so many reasons, including the fact that it is vital to have up-to-date, fresh images to show you as you really are today.

But using the seasons as a chance to take some more pictures and to refresh your online portfolio can also be a great way of ensuring you don’t forget to do it.

And it can also be a superb opportunity for showing us and potential clients that you have a good grasp of seasonal looks and of what is required when it comes to good modelling shots.

So here are a few tips for capturing some excellent images this autumn:

  • Spend a bit of time scoping out your set – wander round a few parks, check out friends’ gardens or even see if there is a nice stretch of greenery with autumn colours near where you work.
  • Wait for a nice crisp autumn day with a clear blue sky and some lovely autumn sunshine, then ask a friend or family member if they would mind helping you out. When you are out, remember to ask whoever is taking your pictures to shoot with the sun behind them.
  • Put together two or three looks in some gorgeous autumn shades. You want to pick up the deep oranges, browns and yellows of the leaves but olive greens and base blacks can also be used.
  • Make sure there is contrast between what you are wearing and what is behind you. We need to be able to see you in the photograph. You don’t want to be camouflaged!
  • Keep it simple – don’t try to cram too many autumn shades into one look. Be very careful with strong patterns: only use one pattern per look and use it in moderation. Too many patterns will be overwhelming to the eye of whoever is browsing through them.
  • Keep accessories to a minimum too – remember, the person looking at the picture needs to be able to see you clearly in the shot. Too many accessories will cover you up and will be distracting.
  • Create contrasts with your textures. Autumn is a time when you can really have fun with this – woven wools over soft silks and rough suedes over smooth cottons can really pull a look off. Laying can really make an outfit come together but make sure we can see you and your body shape beneath.
  • Have fun! Modelling is all about doing something different and enjoying yourself. Make taking your seasonal photography part of that. Perhaps go out with a friend who is also registered with us and take lots of shots of each other. Try out different poses and take both tighter in and full body shots.
  • Be a tough editor. Go through the images when you get home. Remove anything you are not happy with, then be tough about choosing a very few of the best ones. Ask other people for their opinions then start uploading. The sooner your autumn shots are up on your e-portfolio, the more of a chance you will have when our clients ask us to put forward a few of our models like you!