Taking your child to a modelling shoot – top tips

When your child attends his or her first modelling assignment it can be a stressful occasion.

But don’t worry, when you have done it once, you will quickly realise how much fun it can be for both of you!

Here are our 9 top tips to making modelling shoots with your child as smooth as possible.

*Be prepared! Sit down and make a list of everything you need to know from us at Models Direct – and everything you think you need to remember on the day. Most of this is listed below.

*Remember, your contact at Models Direct is here to hold your hand. They will tell you where you and your child need to be – and when – as well as what you need to bring. Ask them anything else you wish, and they will do their very best to help. They will also be available on the end of the phone on the day, in the unlikely event of any problems.

Models Direct child models on location

*Make a note of everything your contact tells you and double check it with them. Discuss how you plan to get there and check out public transport times and destinations or parking facilities, depending on how you plan to travel. Make a list with all the details on and with our phone number on. Put it in your phone and have a back-up paper version too.

*Make sure your little one gets to bed in plenty of time the day before. Give them a good breakfast before you leave and ensure you head off with plenty of time to spare.

*Pack a few of their favourite toys, books or games. Electronic, handheld consoles can be a lifesaver – check you have batteries, chargers and plenty of games. For once, you won’t be restricting their screen time as you travel or in the breaks when they aren’t needed during the assignment – so they should be happy!

*If you are bringing a baby, make sure you have plenty of nappies, somewhere for them to nap and all their other equipment. Bring the toys with you that make them smile or will help you to distract them or make them look in a certain direction if required.

Models Direct child model on set shooting for Morrisons

*Bring at least one spare change of clothes for your child – possibly two or three if you have a baby.

*Little ones are likely to be fed on set but make sure you have a sandwich, drink and some snacks with you that you know they will like, just in case they won’t eat anything on offer on the day.

*Finally, don’t forget to look after yourself too! You need to make sure you are properly rested, fed and watered. We need you to have the energy to get you both there and to keep going throughout the day. You will have an active role in making sure your child appears ready on set when required and you may be needed to help encourage them to perform in the right way.

Child modelling can be a wonderful experience for everyone in the family and the better prepared you are before and during the booking, the more you and your little one will find it to be child’s play!