Modelling Across the UK

From London to Cardiff to Belfast to Edinburgh, modelling with our agency, Models Direct spans across the United Kingdom. For those whose thoughts of wanderlust grip them, this will be perfect to consider. 

There are many professional spheres spanning various industries that have people working in different locations across the UK and globally. If you relish a challenge and enjoy a fast-paced, innovative, and hardworking culture, then modelling across the UK with one agency that supports you and your needs sounds like a dream.

But is it?

Models Direct is the UK modelling agency that has been making this happen for thousands of our amazing models covering our 34-year reign in the modelling sector. Our MD HQ is based in Norwich but our work isn’t bound to only local brands and companies. Our reach is far and wide covering the whole of the UK and beyond the country.

We’re thrilled to have our talented models working in different villages, towns, and cities enjoying a zestful life with ever-changing environments from one booking to the next. Our MD team is proud to provide exposure to diverse clientele enabling our amazing models to gain more versatile experiences with a range of professionals helping them to build strong networking opportunities. Working across the country can give our models a fresh perspective on life, exposure to different cultures and not be in a typical dead-end situation.

From our clientele’s perspective, assignments pop up every day for start-ups through to industrial leaders looking for commercial models, catalogue models, promotional models, and models for TV and film. Our clients reach out to us from all corners of the country and in between because we cater for many modelling categories including pet modelling. MD has lots of opportunities on offer and a strong agency helps its models find work (not the other way around).

The roundup

Modelling isn’t for those who don’t like flexibility and it’s useful, but not essential, to enjoy a bit of travel.

But if this is you then perfect!

Apply now! You can check out our refreshed website offering modelling opportunities for babies, children, teens, adults, seniors and pets. We can’t wait to see you hit the ground running in 2024 and see assignments span from the coasts of England up to Highlands in Scotland, and across the Irish Sea in Northern Ireland!