Why Choose Models Direct?

Loyal reader, you’ve clicked on the right place! No overwhelm, no confusion, just the essentials. Here’s a question you might ask: Why choose Models Direct as your modelling agency to either hire models or become one?

Answer: Keep reading to find out!

You might have read some of our other blogs about why you should choose Models Direct…or thereabouts. Without sounding biased, there are so many good reasons why, but we’ll round it all up here so you can decide whether this is the right route for you – as a newcomer model or a first-time client.

For new (and existing) models

Being Europe’s number one modelling employment agency for over 34 years, we have refined our modelling process and our team offers a golden modelling package for new and existing models, every time. We offer:

A fully vetted government-regulated employment agency with legitimate modelling work

To actively look for work for all of our models and put them forward for assignments

24/7 access to a jobs board so that models can directly apply for assignments

Rigorously security-checked clients for the safeguarding and wellbeing of our models

A platform for equality, diversity and inclusion opportunities for all of our models

Wide ranges of modelling work covering a slew of modelling categories across the UK and abroad

An appointed modelling coordinator when our model is booked, from inception to completion of the modelling job who will be there for support and advice

A ‘happiness check’ call after the job is completed to see how it went

An opportunity to leave a review of the modelling experience

Secure online access to an ePortfolio for all models so that they can update their images online

Open communication with our experienced team

Support, guidance and industry insights for new and existing models

For new (and existing) clients

For clients of all shapes and sizes, whether you’re a micro business, entrepreneur, small-sized company, a family business or a worldwide brand, Models Direct caters for all clients’ needs when hiring our models.

We offer:

An extensive variety of professional models of all ages, genders, appearances, backgrounds, and cultures with different abilities and skills to hire – human and animal.

A plethora of modelling categories such as baby modelling, child modelling, teen modelling, family modelling, pet modelling and much more to explore

Models with specialities such as singing, dancing and acting

To put models forward who fit the client’s brief/specification

Select a number of models for clients just in case the headliner cannot attend

To negotiate a fair price for the assignment by working closely with our client and understanding their brief and budget

To showcase our collaboration with thousands of clients throughout our 30 years of service in the industry

Comprehensive support and expert advice from our specialist modelling team

An opportunity to leave a review of the hiring process

Support, guidance and industry insights for new and existing clients

Models Direct is here to help models and clients make an impact in the world of advertising and marketing. Whether that’s helping models break through and increase exposure for greater visibility, and curating compelling and memorable campaigns.