Pet Modelling – How to Get Started

We truly love our pets. I mean, why wouldn’t we? They’re a wholesome addition to our family home. They enrich us by developing our nurturing side and teach us to love abundantly and unconditionally. We really do have a soft spot for them.

Spending time with them and building a strong bond, enjoying their company and living life’s journey together are just some of the key things that we want to share with our pet companion.

When it comes to thinking of wonderful activities to do together is when the fun begins, but never ends! Since you’re reading this blog, we’re trying to read your mind as to why you might be on our modelling website.

You might have stumbled across this page. If you have, sometimes fate has a way of making things fall into place.

Or you might have been searching for something for your pet and this blog scrolled to the top of your search engine’s visibility.

Orrrrr, you might have already heard about pet modelling but what to know more!

Whether your being here is due to one of the above, or maybe none, we’re glad you’re here. If you want to learn more about how you can get your animal friend into modelling then keep reading because this top diverse UK modelling agency is about to spill the beans.

Prepare your furry friend

Depending on the type of animal companion you have, you can learn to train them so that they respond to basic commands such as sit and stay. Granted not all animals have the capacity to understand such actions but if yours has the potential then get them prepped.

If you think that they’re ready for the lights, camera and action, alongside loud crowds of unfamiliar faces in unfamiliar environments then perhaps getting them acquainted with such settings will help when they actually get booked.

Prepping them with a regular grooming routine is important too. This will take time and dedication. Bottom line: preparation is key.

Create their portfolio

If you’re an avid reader of our online content, you’ll know that we don’t let this point slide – like ever! Curating a well-documented set of quality images means boosting your pet’s visibility and increasing their chances of being booked when the next client swings through our doors and asks for a pet that looks like yours. Don’t worry, you don’t need a professional photographer to do the job, you can do the same by snapping up varied images, close up and distant, and achieving a slew of expressions and moods. 

Flying solo or being backed by a pet agency?

The choice is yours but let’s not beat around the bush. If you want the independence of pushing your pet forward and doing a tremendous amount of hard work to get them noticed let alone booked, then flying solo might be your thing. If not, signing up with a reputable pet modelling agency (like MD) might be your answer to hassle-free assignment bookings where they take the hard work off your hands. What’s more, with Models Direct you’re able to directly book for assignments yourself on our jobs board.

Submit their application

After finding your dream agency, follow the application submission guidelines, attach photos which follow their criteria and submit the application. If there’s anything extra you’d like to add about special skills, features or characteristics they have, let your agency know as it will help them stand out from the pet crowd.

Get Social

Does your pet have a dedicated Insta page? Are they on TikTok? If not, then why not? Create an account so you’re able to engage with pet-related communities.

So when a brand or business is launching their next pet campaign, hopefully, your lovely canine or sweet feline, or any other creature for that matter, will be on their radar. Pet modelling is all about teamwork that makes the dream work. Here’s to many more milestones together.