Disabled modelling

Modelling embraces just about every life experience, with different genres fitting in nicely with diversity.

There’s been a stark emphasis on diversity in the media over the last few years. Of late, we tend to think of diversity as the inclusion of everyone in a range of activities. This could be giving everyone equal opportunities in the job market, or carrying zero prejudice in day-to-day activities.  

Diversity is about giving everyone the chance to express themselves, and the commercial modelling world is one of the most accessible of businesses in which to do this. There’s absolutely no reason at all why people living with disabilities should be overlooked for modelling assignments throughout the UK and beyond. We know this based on facts, because we’ve placed several individuals in high profile modelling jobs where only disabled models were required. So it’s not really an opinion whether disabled models are useful or effective in certain assignments – they’re essential! 

It’s important to know that disabled modelling makes up a large segment of the commercial modelling industry. In fact, it’s a rapidly growing part of our business, with clients choosing to feature more and more disabled models to get their message across. Our booking team at Models Direct HQ processes each application from disabled models in just the same way as the rest; obviously, the type of assignment has to be taken into account, but we give the “green light” to anyone with the drive, enthusiasm and passion to succeed in one or more of our available modelling jobs.

And on this subject, why should disabled models be pigeonholed as simply models who endorse products for other disabled individuals? Part of the inclusivity that the modern world proudly promotes means any model should be just as eligible as the next. Sure, there might be limitations depending on the precise assignment, or practicalities that should be adhered to but, in general, disabled models should be suitable for a wide range of modelling jobs.

If you haven’t done so already, there is no better time to make sure your portfolio is tip-top. Though we’re experts at finding the right models for the right assignments, presenting as much information as possible on your application means we have more to work on in finding you your ideal modelling job.

Disabled models are immensely sought-after, and it’s sometimes a surprise to hear that some would-be models don’t think they’ll ever find themselves on a shoot with professional photographers. Well, think again! Disabled models are like gold dust, and are deservedly treated as such.

Our established team at Models Direct loves to hear success stories, and there are plenty of terrific disabled models that have excelled for our clients. For example, read about Darin and his modelling experience in Valencia

We can’t promise all our models assignments in the sun, but we can promise you that we’ll use our 30 years’ experience to promote you in the best possible way. Now, that’s a reason alone for all disabled models out there to either spruce up their portfolio, or take the first step and apply with us. We’ll do the rest!