Baby models

From little acorns grow mighty oaks.

That’s a perfect idiom for our stars-in-the-making – the wonderful babies and toddlers that make hundreds of modelling jobs an instant success throughout the UK.

We’ve been championing baby models for some time now. What’s not to like? We have the largest selection of clients on the lookout for talented tots, so there’s no reason why parents and guardians shouldn’t apply on behalf of their baby.

Babies sometimes command the highest fees. It all depends on the specific assignment (duration, location, clients etc), but we know from experience that some of the best-paid jobs are those which only babies can fulfil, including baby food campaigns, modelling cute clothing, starring in pharmacy ads and playing on set with toys.

Babies even get selected to star on TV and in films. We’re not promising that your child will be the next child acting prodigy, but it’s a great start and even the smallest role could open doors for more work. Gaining contacts is one of the best ways to explore more opportunities in any industry, so what better way for parents than their young ones actually appearing on set with the right people?

So many models experience different emotions once they’ve sampled the initial taste of working with industry professionals: excitement, gratification, pride, a sense of achievement, and the desire for more work…the list is endless. That’s one of the reasons why modelling is so appealing – it’s a job that can be regular or temporary/part-time, and it’s one of the most enjoyable gigs in town. True, babies can’t display some emotions as easily as adults or children (pride, for example), but a beaming smile in a safe, comfortable environment is the best sign that babies are loving their work!

Enjoying one’s work is an important factor for models because…well, if you don’t like your work you might as well look for something else. Parents always want the best for their offspring, so it stands to reason that registering with us is the best way forward. Acorns into mighty oaks, indeed!

A baby’s happiness and health is Priority No.1 for all parents. We know this, so our booking team always put in the hard yards behind the scenes to give parents and babies the safest, happiest assignments available.

Toddlers portray exactly what our clients need: adorable faces appealing to customers and audiences, having fun whilst helping build brands.

And the really exciting news for parents chomping at the bit to catapult their youngsters into the modelling spotlight is this: modelling jobs for babies are increasing by the week! Yep, the lockdown blues have metamorphosed into a post-Covid baby boom, giving more toddlers the chance to develop in eye-catching jobs up and down the country.

We’ve got the jobs, and we’ve already got some of the best talent around. We need to continue our growth as the UK’s no.1 commercial agency, placing eager models of all ages in the very best jobs.
We’re sure parents know their little acorns have what it takes to grow with us. The mighty oak could very well start with us. We’re excited to see how they develop.