How to hire child models

Child models make up a sizeable percentage of our modelling family here at Models Direct. With a diverse range of brands and products always looking for 2 – 12 year olds, opportunities for budding models have been at their peak for some time now. And guess what? 2023 looks set to be another fantastic year for stars-in-the-making!

Child models

Our hiring process for child models is purposely straightforward for several reasons, namely:

1. We want to make registering interest for potential models as simple as possible because the less stress in the early stages means it’ll be more effective in the long run.

2. Children can often be dynamic bundles of energy (which can help on set!), but it’s sometimes a disadvantage when parents take that all-important photo for their application. Therefore, we just ask for one clear head-and-shoulders photo to kick things off.

3. We lead busy lives, so arranging for professional photos or finding expensive cameras is absolutely not necessary. Just one photos using an Smartphone or digital camera is quite sufficient. How easy is that?

We ask parents or guardians to apply on behalf of their child. We’re sure you’ll agree it couldn’t be easier! However, our booking team is always available to contact should you need help or even just to put your mind at rest about anything at all.

Mother and child

A little info about taking a good photo of your child. Observe the following and you won’t go wrong:

1. The background should be neutral and in a well-lit setting or room.

2. No full body photos please – just a clear head shot with shoulders, positioned just away from the background or wall.

3. A smile is fine, but please no pouting or pulling faces. Children are cute when distorting normal facial expressions, but we need them to come across as natural as possible.

4. Don’t take photos of photos, and please don’t send Snapchat photos; just an original, clear photo.

Once you’ve registered your child with us, we take into consideration their location and looks, and match our client’s requests to the best-fit model. Often, clients tell us the type of job they need filling (e.g. photo shoot for a clothing brand), as well as the ideal age range. We use our experience to put forward a handful of models to the client, who will tell us which lucky child they’d like for the assignment. Exciting or what!

We’ll then inform the parent of our client’s interest and give them all the necessary information (location, date, type of assignment, fee etc), and even arrange any travel requirements. It’s important to state there is no obligation to accept the assignment for any reason. If the parent feels the job is not right for their child, they can simply say so and we’ll do our best to secure another assignment for them. We’re well aware that school, holidays or pesky illnesses all might be factors for a child’s availability, so both our clients are us are extremely flexible. No hard feelings!

Let’s make 2023 the best year ever! We look forward to hearing from proud parents all over the country!