School is Back!

After the long summer break (and boy, did that go fast?) it’s time to settle back into the school routine. Mums, dads, grandparents, siblings, and family friends will be all readying themselves to get back into the swing of drop off and pick ups whilst kids will be getting ready to meet their friends, teachers, new faces and their new timetables. Going up another year group means growing up, achieving more academic goals and skills, and having lots to look forward to with school trips. It’s all so exciting but it can equally be a mix of emotions.

It’s pretty nerve-wracking going back after such a while. Fitting in with everyone, finding your social circle and readjusting to a structured day (especially if you were out of sync in the summer) takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight but soon enough things can fall into sync if you stick to a school-friendly regime – prepping lunch and uniform the night before, sleeping early and eating brekkie are ways to help prep for a school day.

After-school clubs…and new opportunities

If you’re in the primary or secondary setting, after-school clubs and even breakfast clubs are options to fill the day for socialising and gaining extra skills. Opening doors to more opportunities might be something you, your family or your guardian are looking to invest in this year…and you know this blog is about to steer you towards something that your school won’t offer but will fit around your student life perfectly, help you experience new things, build your confidence, meet new people, expand your networking skills, add to your CV when you get around to composing one and you’ll get paid, of course!

Top guesses what Models Direct are hinting…
Hands up, anyone?
Yup, you got it – modelling.

We’re crashing landing on this profession because it’s what we do, it’s our specialist industry and our team is bursting with modelling industry knowledge having been a top UK agency for thirty years! Truth be told, we don’t know where the time has gone after three decades let alone this summer. But it’s all been a very positive experience.

Yes, we’ve had waves of experiences but overall, it’s been a brilliant sail through the waters. And we’re here, into another academic year inviting all those people who have got what it takes to sign up and become a child, junior and teenage model with our agency.

Children, tweens and teens – there’s a modelling category for all of you here at MD

Why wouldn’t there be? This age group is so popular and thriving, our industry wouldn’t be strong without you guys! The next-gen is here full of energy, new ideas and a fresh way of switching things up, so brands and companies want to bring their marketing vision to life with this full-of-life energy. Check out how brands such as Clark with their school footwear range and Boots Kids sunscreen range as examples.

What to do next

Children of all ages can have a modelling career alongside their educational one. Kids, tweens, teens, or little ones! Assignments come in fast and you’re in control of which one to pursue. If you’ve got exams coming up, booster classes to attend or simply just cannot make it, then you can let your agency know (like Models Direct, because we’re chill like that!) Modelling is great for developing interpersonal skills such as communication, time management, concentration and listening skills.

If your little one is too young to be reading this, go ahead and start the registration process with us. We’ll then put them forward for assignments where clients are calling for their look. But please bear in mind, there’s no guarantee that work will come straight away and that it’ll be a consistent source of income. You have to choose to select work that can work around your school timings and homework so the power is in your hands whether you want to go ahead with a job or not.

We never intend to mislead our talent with opportunities

We always emphasise this as we don’t want to mislead our talent where they presume they’ll be flooding with work. Modelling assignments will come, sometimes frequently and sometimes sparingly but there’s work out there – it just sometimes takes time.

Whilst school is back, modelling opportunities are too. If you’re interested (definitely ask a grown-up) to sign you up with our agency today.