Models, get ready for autumn and focus on your wellness – five top tips

The summer days will slowly fade soon and before we know it autumn, in all its magnificent, colourful glory, will soon be here.

Autumn is a wonderful season for many reasons, but it is also a time of year when many of us can start to feel a little low and could perhaps do with a few tricks to lift our moods and help us feel livelier.

Whether you are a model hoping to be at your fittest and most confident – or someone who is considering becoming a male or female model, then you could benefit from focusing on your autumn wellness.

And, of course, feeling great and looking good, will only make you shine out even more when you take this new season’s batch of photographs to upload to your e-portfolio.

Here are five of our top tips to mull over and prepare for, ready for the start of autumn:

1 Get enough vitamin D

As the days start getting shorter, we can all begin to suffer from a lack of natural light and this can result in our being low in vitamin D. Try to get out into the sun everyday if possible and if you can’t, or the weather is constantly gloomy, consider taking a supplement. Those feeling really low should seek advice from their GP as occasionally people needing stronger doses of vitamin D that require prescriptions or medical help in another way.

2 Drink enough water

It is easy when the weather cools to forget to keep hydrated. Even when the tempertaure drops, your body still needs lots of water. This will not only help you to remain fit and healthy but will also keep you feeling bright and alert. Remaining hydrated is also essential for the skin, hair and finger nails.

3 Eat healthily

Try to retain a healthy eating regime. It is very easy to slip into comfort eating when the days start drawing in. We all reach for chocolate, crisps, cake and biscuits when we are huddling inside and need a little comfort food – and perhaps we are also tempted to pile a few more chips on to our plates at this time of year! Do allow yourself a treat every now and again, but broadly speaking try to ensure you eat a healthy diet, with lots of colourful fruit and veg, plenty of fibre and protein and not too much saturated fat. Drink water instead of sugary, fizzy drinks and try not to snack between meals.

4 Keep exercising

Many of us will push ourselves to excercise with the arrival of the new year and in the run up to summer, when we know we will be covering up less and possibly wearing our swimming costumes. But, don’t forget the autumn too! Maintaining regular excerise at this time of year is not only great for your body but is also essential for giving you more energy and improving your mood. It will also get you out and about a bit, helping you resist the temptaion of slouching on the sofa with a packet of crisps!

5 Start new activities

Try thinking of one or two new activities to work into your calendar – this will help you to feel busy and engaged with life and could also be great fun. This could be anything from attending a new weekly exercise class to trying to meet a group of friend once every week for a walk, cinema trip or cup of coffee. You could also try to start doing something new – learning a language, playing a musical instrument or picking up a new skill. Many of these could help you feel more confident and assertive in your modelling, but most of all they should bring something different to your life and help you to feel uplifted.